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This Adorable DIY Room Decor Idea : Ombre Monogrammed Letter

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Are you looking for some beautiful DIY Room Decor Ideas for your walls? 

One of our most popular crafts of all time. This post shows you how to make a yarn wrapped ombre monogrammed letter. Add a personalized touch to your room with this fun and easy yarn-wrapped letter project.

Here’s a fabulous fun DIY Wall Letter Craft that both kids and grown ups will love. You can buy ready-made paper mache wall letters to decorate from craft shops but this DIY hack is so easy, saves you a heap of money and is perfect for kids to make their own name wall letters for their bedroom.

Cool, creative ideas for teen bedrooms, these easy to follow tutorials will show you how to make some easy art for your walls. Spell out your initials, create words, make a statement. You can get your supplies at any craft store for just a few dollars and the end result looks like a million bucks.
Check out the step by step tutorials to learn how to make this adorable DIY room decor today. This could be a fun weekend craft!
DIY Wrapped Monogrammed Letters Tutorial:

How fabulous are these DIY Yarn Letters and they’re so easy to make yourself. They would look great in your Craft Room or in the kid’s rooms. We hope you will try this DIY Room Decor Idea :).

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