Beautiful DIY Hula Hoop Chandelier

This DIY hula hoop chandelier will turn an evening into a soft romantic atmosphere in a matter of no time.

A Hoola Hoop has the perfect shape for a DIY chandelier so no wonder there’s an easy craft project for it. Combined with string lights it makes an excellent handmade home decor.

 What you will need to make this DIY hula hoop chandelier

  • A hula hoop
  • Some romantic lace
  • Icicle white lights
  • Hot glue gun

It is so easy to make this chandelier. You can pretty much just wrap the lights around the hula hoop to make this beautiful chandelier. You could even use hula hoops in different sides nested together to make  multi-tier version of this project.  

Check the below link for the tutorial by Sarah Renee where she will teach you How to Make this stunning Hula Hoop Chandelier.

Beautiful DIY Hula Hoop Chandelier Tutorial

We hope you like this DIY Hula Hoop Chandelier tutorial.

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