7 Stunning DIY Paper Lanterns Ideas and Projects

diy paper lanterns ideas

When there is celebration, there are happy faces, happiness, smile…, flowers and to brighten all this there are lanterns.

Lanterns are so fantastic to brighten up any happy occasion.

Instead of buying ready-made or musical lanterns from stores this year, why not spend some quality time making your own lanterns, together with your kids.

DIY paper lanterns are trendy now that it will not only save your money but help you to grow your creativity as well.

If you are a creative person then its totally worth trying to make a lantern at home. It can be your holiday or weekend project.

Below are the 7 most elegant lanterns and lamp ideas. We hope these ideas will help you to increase the beauty of your house and will add some sparkle to everyday living.

The step by step instruction links are provided after each the below mentioned ideas. If you like any particular ideas we advise you to visit the original article for further details.

Have a creative look. Enjoy!


diy paper lanterns ideas lampCheck out the full DIY tutorial HERE

 2.) How to make beautiful DIY jellyfish lanterns

How-to-make-beautiful-DIY-jellyfish-lanternsCheck out the full DIY tutorial HERE

3.) Chinese Paper Lanterns

diy paper lanterns ideas lamp3Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE


diy paper lanterns ideas lamp5Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE

5.) Easy DIY Flowerpot Lantern for Halloween

diy paper lanterns ideas lamp6Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE


diy paper lanterns ideasCheck out the full DIY tutorial HERE


diy paper lanterns ideas lamp4Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE

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