5 Natural DIY Air Fresheners You Can Make At Home In Minutes

diy air freshener natural homemade

Does your home ever have that not so fresh, yesterday’s dinner mixed with hubby’s gym socks smell? 😉 The smell of a clean house or freshly-washed laundry is heavenly. The whiff of a fresh fragrance instantly brightens mood and makes home feel extra clean.

Who says you have to spend a fortune to cover odors in your home and make it smell wonderful? Chemical filled plug-ins, toxic air freshener sprays and candles filled with paraffin are just some of the ways people try to give their home a beautiful aroma. Not only some ready made scents, never quite match their descriptions, but they smelled fake and overly perfumery… And they give an instant headache.

Instead, try these DIY natural air fresheners to make your home smell divine. It’s easy to create your own personalized room scent with one of these delightful homemade combinations.

Place in any room of your home and leave your house smelling fresh and clean with this DIY air freshener.

DIY Air Freshner Tutorial: Its Easy To Make and Natural

diy air freshener natural homemade

We hope now you dont need to buy those chemically overloaded room fresheners anymore as you got these easy to make DIY air freshener ideas.

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