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4 Eggshell Mosaic Craft Tutorials To Try With Your Kids Today

eggshell mosaic craft

Have you ever wondered that your bin is the perfect place to find all the craft materials to make beautiful DIY masterpiece at home.

Projects like DIY recycle of plastic bottles, reuse of bottle capsupcycle of old picture frames get all the raw material from your bin.

Today we are going to see how to use leftover eggshell to create useful home decor things.

These DIY eggshell mosaic craft are so easy that you can even involve your kids.

So before you throw away your next bunch of eggshells save them for these beautiful mosaic crafts.

Just note that like any other mosaic project, you need to have a lot of patience.

But we are sure by end of the project everyone would be surprised to see your handwork.

Have a look. Enjoy.

1.) Homemade DIY Eggshell Mosaic Picture Frame


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4.) Another DIY Eggshell Panorama Frame


5.) DIY Pretty Egg Shell Pendant

This video tutorial will guide you how to make mosaic jewelry by using eggshells.


What you need is:

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