3 Customized Alternative Home Options

Alternative Homes Options

Are you renting a flat at the moment or do you have a mortgage? Perhaps you’re in a house share or you’re trying to find innovative ways to make your studio apartment look more spacious.  

These are all typical examples of where a lot of us live. However, as getting on the property ladder has become something that is out of reach for a lot of young people and more of us are likely to be renting into our 40s, many are opting to swap to alternative living spaces.

Whether you have similarly practical reasons to find a home with a difference or you’ve always wanted to explore lifestyles that offer a change of pace, here are some ideas to offer inspiration.

All Aboard

There’s a solid canal boat community here in the UK that provides tips, ideas and advice for those seeking to take the plunge and hop aboard their own houseboat. This watery way of life is a popular choice for everyone from young couples to those who are retired and there are plenty of positives that make this an appealing alternative.

The price of a boat of your own is generally cheaper than buying a house, especially if you buy a doer-upper. Once you’ve decided if you intend to dock your boat or you want to cruise, you’ll need to work out if you need to pay for a cruising licence or mooring fees.

While there is money to be saved by choosing a life on the UK’s canal network, there is also a lot of practical elements to this way of life. You need to know the basics of steering your boat and understand what to do if things break down. However, canal and narrow boats are the perfect choice for those who want to try something different.  

Drive Through

Caravans and converted vans offer a way of living that simultaneously allows you to move around. Whether you buy new or opt to renovate a vehicle in order to turn it into your home, you’ll ultimately make savings on rent or mortgage payments, plus you can choose where you want to park.

As long as you’re paying the right road tax and you have the permissions in place to park your van where it is, you can set up your new home in a location that suits your lifestyle. Caravans are designed with showers whereas modifying a van to include washing facilities may require work, therefore you’ll need to set aside enough funds if you’re transforming a van into a habitable space.  

On Guard

Becoming a live-in guardian is another viable lifestyle choice. This is a scheme that offers protection for high-end properties that are left empty for a lot of the year. Affluent areas in London such as Mayfair and Soho are filled with these empty properties and by inviting live-in guardians to look after their properties, the owners have peace of mind and you, the guardian, can stay in beautiful properties in convenient locations for a small fraction of the price it would usually cost to rent such a property in the capital.  

Which lifestyle appeals to you? Would you sell up and set sail?

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