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How to Make Crystals : This Is Adorable DIY Room Decor

diy room decoration make crystal starsThe most exciting part of any science class is when it’s time to experiment. Whether it’s making a volcano or dissecting something bizarre, hands-on activities keep us interested, even if science isn’t our favorite subject.

If you have kids, or just like playing around with chemistry on your own, making beautiful DIY crystals is the perfect science experiment to perform at home.

Making these crystal stars at home is an easy-peasy, low cost science experiment which uses borax to grow crystal. Whether your child is 3 or 103, they’re sure to get excited to make crystal stars and see its sparkle in the sunlight. Crystal stars are one of our favorite kids’ science experiments yet.

Grow borax crystals around a star shape to produce a crystal star that may be used as an ornament or decoration.

You will love the results of this DIY science experiment and it’s easy when you know how. Be sure to check below step by step tutorial..

Tutorial: How To Make Crystal Stars

The Science Behind It

When borax is dissolved in water a suspension is created.  A suspension is a mixture that has solid particles {the borax} that are large enough for sedimentation {settling out}. As the borax begins to settle, it starts to crystalize on all the surfaces it comes in contact with – including the pipe cleaner letters.  As the borax continues to settle out, it builds crystals on top of other borax crystals creating a thick layer.

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