DIY Home Decor: How to Grow DIY Borax Crystals At Home

How to make DIY Borax Crystals home decor

That’s right, you CAN totally grow your own crystals. There is something so mesmerizing about gemstones and crystals. With their unique shapes and variety of colors, it’s easy to understand why crystal jewelry and home decor has become so popular. Who doesn’t want to surround themselves with sparkly crystals? 😉 If you’re a crystal and gemstone lover like me, these DIY Borax Crystals are an easy way to incorporate them in your home.

We like to get creative with our summer science experiments so we had to try this crystal seashells borax crystal growing science experiment is actually quite an easy science experiment to set up! Simply mix the solution and set aside. Over the course of 24 hours you can observe some neat changes!

Make science exciting for kids by finding fun ways to introduce different science concepts. Growing crystals is perfect for a chemistry experiment you can set up at home or in the classroom. 

Something to know before you get started: the crystals grow overnight, so time is an essential ingredient in this project. 

Check out the step by step tutorial for these awesome DIY crystals you can make at home.

Tutorial: How to Grow DIY Borax Crystals At Home

How to Grow DIY Borax Crystals home decor

These crystals are a beautiful project that is also a cheap and easy way to introduce scientific concepts to your kids. 

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