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12 Free Patterns Of DIY Baby Animal Towels : Cute DIY Baby Shower Gifts Ideas

Cute DIY Baby Shower Gifts IdeasHave a baby on the way? Want to give a special baby shower present?

Do you have kids who love to spend their summer’s out by the pool or have little ones who like to dry off using  fun hooded towels? Did you know that they are incredibly easy to make? Seriously. The kids enjoy them AND you get to choose the towels to coordinate to your liking. Plus, they are easy to make.

Make this one of a kind hooded towel today! Nothing is more adorable than a child warm and clean out of the tub. This is a great DIY gift for a new mom or a child you know: a homemade hooded towel. These are great for personalized baby gifts or just make one for yourself!

You can make a simple version without embellishment, or you can add things like bias tape, ribbons or fabric anyway you’d like. There are so many ways to make this special.

Tutorial: Adorable DIY Baby Animal Towels

These adorable DIY baby towels would make the perfect baby shower gift, don’t you think?  Bundling up baby after bath time with a hooded towel is easier and cozier. The hood doesn’t just help dry those clean mop tops, it actually acts as a little anchor, allowing mom or dad to more quickly wrap the rest of the towel around squirming, slippery baby-boo.

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