Hand tools are essential. You must have heard that small things matter the most, and to ensure that whatever you are building turns out to be perfect, you must learn how to use certain products and tools. 

Hand tools are special equipment a craftsperson or an artisan uses for cutting, fixing, or joining one or more parts together. One can choose from several hand tools like hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and pliers according to the needs and requirements. You can find them quickly at sites such as suppliers of Bahco tools

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How To Use Hand Tools Properly?

You should know how to use hand tools not to mess up your work or hurt yourself. Given below is an extensive guide to the proper use of hand tools.


It is mainly used for cutting, chopping, or splitting wood into two parts. Whatever you want to chop, find a place to chop it on, like a tree stump. Before using an axe, clear the area around you that might sabotage the swing or use. Your left hand should be just above the lower end of the handle and your right hand below the axe’s head. Your grip must not be too tight or too loose, just the way that it can easily swing and chop the piece.


They are used to tighten bolts or nuts. It is also known as wrenches, and if it has one fixed and one adjustable jaw, it can be used on some nuts and bolts. You can use it with both hands and hold the nut or bolt, make a grip and turn it in the direction depending on if you want to tighten or lose it.


Pliers are used to hold objects or pieces and help bend or compress small parts of a machine. Remember that you should not use pliers for nuts or bolts as they cannot hold their grip better and might slip. Never substitute pliers for another tool, such as a hammer or screwdriver, as it might fracture the plier. Also, this tool should not be exposed to heat because s they can change the tool’s properties and ruin it. 


Its primary purpose is to insert nails into a surface. Other uses of a hammer include bending a metal, upholstering, nail pulling, etc. Before buying a hammer, check if the tool’s handle fits the hammerhead or not. While hammering a nail, begin with lighter hits holding the upper part of the hammer, followed by more brutal hits holding the lower end of the handle. Do not rush the process, or you might injure yourself badly.


It is used to remove or tighten screws into or from surfaces. The shapes and sizes of screwdrivers vary, so ensure that you use the correct type for each use. Maintain all your screwdrivers because if any of them damages, you might not be able to tighten or remove a specific type of screw. Also, do not use the tool to fulfil the purposes of other tools and sharpen the screwdriver’s tip whenever it becomes blunt or damaged. 


Learning the basics of using a hand tool is important. Know about each device and practice its grip, pressure, and usage until you get used to it. Handle the tools carefully. Be aware of a good body posture and care for your health before handling any tool. Lastly, opt for well-made quality products.

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