When it comes to bedroom related cleaning problems, having bed bugs is probably the most annoying one. Despite being the most unwanted pest, bedbugs can find their way into your house and can make it difficult for you to sleep in your own bed.

That is why getting rid of bed bugs and keeping your bedroom healthy is extremely important for you. 

To get rid of bed bugs, you can use pests’ products or can even look for DIY tips that can help you avoid them.

But before you start fighting bed bugs, you need to understand what bed bugs really are and how they make their way into your house. Here are a few things that you should know about bed bugs:

Things You Should Know About Bed Bugspixabay.com

You Can Smell Bed Bugs

To spot bed bugs, you don’t really have to wait for the signs to appear. You can spot bed bugs by smelling your bed as well. If you have a neat and clean bed with new sheets, it must smell like laundry detergent.

But if that is not the case and you smell something different, then there is a possibility that your bed is infested with bugs. Bed bugs have a musty scent, and they could also smell like almonds or rotten berries.

The Bite Isn’t Painful

If you are wondering if a bite from a bed bug will wake you up, then the answer is no. When you are bitten, you would not realize it instantly. In fact, you may not even realize that even when you wake up. You will only feel an itch later in the day, and by the time you realize you have been bitten, you would not be able to spot the bug.

Bed bugs have anesthetic saliva, which allows them to bite humans without causing any pain. So if you are waiting for a painful bite to do something about the bed bugs, then you will keep waiting.

They Are Found in Clean Places

A misconception about bed bugs is that they live and thrive in clean places. It is quite the opposite actually the cleaner the place is the more likely you are to find the bed bugs.

I have seen people complaining about bed bugs at hotels questioning the cleanliness of the hotel. But the bad news is no matter how much you try or how clean you keep your bedroom you will be attacked by bed bugs at some point.

They are Not Easy to Kill

Bed bugs might be small creatures but don’t let that fool you because they are quite tough as well. No matter how harsh the environment is, they can thrive it in without breaking a sweat.

Whether it is extreme temperatures or starving for months, bed bugs can handle all of it. If you think cockroaches are the most resilient insects, then wait till you come across bed bugs. Also, bed bugs are pretty smart, and they can find tricky places to hide. It is nearly impossible to get rid of all of them. 


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