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20 Gorgeous DIY Vase Ideas: Very Easy and Creative

A room decor is incomplete if a beautiful vase is not a part of it. Do you agree fresh flowers bring freshness to you home? And for that having nice vases is very important. Today I have collected these popular yet easy to do DIY Vase ideas for you.

Some of these projects hardly need any material and almost all the projects are cheap. I am sure you will like atleast one idea from this collection of 20 DIY vase projects. Follow the links after each diy for step by step instructions.

Are you ready to get crafty today?? Lets get started..

1. Summery DIY Pineapple Vase

If you have a very less time and if you are in need of easy to make temporary vase then this idea is for you. All you need is a pineapple. Pineapple and flowers go hand in hand and look beautiful together. Dont you think?? Now you may ask what to do with pineapple pulp? Of course we are not going to waste it right? Use it to make a yummy pineapple smoothie and have it while creating this yummy DIY Vase. Source/Tutorial: funnyhowflowersdothat

2. DIY Arrow Vase

This project is perfect for a dreary day in desperate need of something happy and bright. Trust me its a really easy one to DIY. All you need is a glass vase, and some frosting paint. Once you have the material then its pretty simple to make. Start with masking tape to mark off your design and then spray the paint on it. This project hardly takes any time to finish. Source/

3. Colorful DIY Balloon Bud Vases

This DIY vase project will teach you an easy way to create a simple, colorful bud vase using a balloon, scissors, and a glass. Use of balloons to make these vases is a brilliant idea. What do you think? This project does not need a lot of supplies. Balloons can be bought at the Dollar Store OR online. They are very cheap. It can be a great DIY gift ideaSource/Tutorial: brit

4. Repurposed Plastic Spoon Vase

An empty metal can , paint and some plastic spoons thats all is used to make this DIY vase. Fresh flowers look beautiful in this stunning vase.The best part is, its easy to make. And its an amazing way to upcycle empty coffee cans! I am definitely going to try it. What about you? Source/Tutorial: allyou

5. DIY Geometric Vases

If you are more into modern theme home decor, then how about trying these DIY geometric vases? They look good and are colorful. Material you wil need is some inexpensive foam balls and test tubes to hold your lovely spring or summer flowers. Its a great DIY room decor project. Source/Tutorial: akailochiclife

6. Easy DIY Marbled Vases

It involves two things: a glass vessel and some craft paint. Since it may take just a bit of time, you can make it your weekend DIY project. If you have a few jars or vases at home already then this DIY Vase will cost you hardly anything. Take paint colors of your choice and start. I wish you happy crafting 🙂 Source /Tutorial: centsationalgirl

7. Easy Rubber Band Frosted Vase

To make these DIY frosted vases you need: A plain glass or glass vase, a few rubber bands and some frosting paint. You can complete this homemade vase just in one hour. Once you done with painting, keep in mind that it will take some time to dry the paint. Let it dry completely. You will love the final output. Source/Tutorial:

8. DIY Mercury Glass Vases

It seems these days that mercury glass is the go-to choice for wedding decor. From flower vases to candle votive holders, mercury glass can complement or complete any wedding theme from rustic to vintage to romantic. Buying a mercury vase can be expensive then why not trying to make one at home with this easy to do DIY Mercury Glass Vase idea.Source/Tutorial:

9. Kate Spade Inspired Glitter Polka Dot Vase

These polka dot vases are all time favorite. And do you know you can DIY it easily at home? These Kate Spade inspired glitter polka dot vases will work as great room decor. Source/Tutorial: monicawantsit

10. Repurposed Nail Polish Bottle Vases

I normally throw away empty nail polish bottles. Whats the use of it? But you know what, this DIY vase idea is made up of reusing those nail polish bottles. Yes.These upcycled vases are made from empty bottles of nail polish! And they are the perfect size for small flowers. So now dont throw away nail polish bottles. Instead, use it to create these adorable tiny bud vases. Its a perfect example of DIY repurpose craft project. Source/Tutorial: julieiscocoandcocoa

11. DIY Concrete Vase

Every concrete project lover will love this DIY vase. Its simple yet very long lasting vase. Of course once you complete it you can paint it with colors of your choice. Source/Tutorial:

12. Easy Lightbulb Vases

These DIY light bulb vases are perfect for hanging out on the porch or deck. Dont you agree they look super classy? Old light bulbs are so useful to make nice DIY crafts. So start saving those old light bulbs and get your craft on! You’ll be working with glass, so it’s a good idea to wear safety goggles and gloves. Source/Tutorial:

13. Pottery Barn Inspired Striped Vases

Just some spray paint is enough to transform used bottles into colorfully chic decor to bring Spring indoors. All you need to do is save those bottles and follow this simple tutorial! Source/Tutorial: pbteen

 14. DIY Sisal Rope Vase

Have you ever made any craft using a Sisal rope? Its a great material to work with. You can make these DIY sisal rope vases very quickly. If you love rustic home decor then you will love to make these vases. Perfect for adding a rustic look to your home. Feel free to make them in any number of shapes and sizes.All you need is sisal rope, containers and a few basic craft supplies. All the best. Source/Tutorial:

 15. Recycled Sweater Vase Tutorial

Making this vase using old sweater is so much fun. Super DIY Vase creative idea! Materials needed: one sweater (each vase needs one sleeve) one bottle (any size as long as it will fit into the sleeve). Recycle bottles and sweaters with this genius project! Source/Tutorial:

16. Chalkboard Vases

If you want to enjoy some creative time with your children then think of making this vase. I am sure you will have super fun time together while making this super easy vase diy. Source/Tutorial: mythirdtruelove

17. West Elm Inspired Wooden Vases

Wooden craft projects are my favorite. These projects help to give a nice personal touch to every corner of your home. But if you check wooden home decoration items, they may be expensive to buy. Then how about creating at home. Whats your opinion about this DIY vase. Its looks stunning.These wooden vases were just screaming for a DIY and with just a little bit of paint and fearless crafting, I turned them into statement pieces. Source/Tutorial: damasklove

18. DIY Swirled Marble Vases

These gorgeous DIY vases are dipped in marble swirl. You got to try different colors to match your rooms. These vases are inexpensive. Start this DIY with vase containers and some paint. Sounds easy right? I am sure you will enjoy the process of making it too. Let your imagination fly. Source/Tutorial: sugarandcloth

19. Anthropologie Knockoff Blooming Vases

These little stunning vases are fun. The will cost anywhere from $30 to more than $60 if you buy it from outside. But if you are crafty and if you liked this DIY vase idea then who is stopping you from making a similar vase for your room. 🙂 Source/Tutorial: madebygirl

20. Handmade Rope Vases

Making these rope vases is a fun idea to try. Use them for events or for your own house! Source/Tutorial: stylemepretty

I hope you will try atleast one of these amazing homemade vases to decorate your room. Wishing you an amazing happy crafting time 🙂

Thats all for today guys, I hope you had an amazing time here. Do visit our website again for more DIY crafts ideas. Meantime you can connect with us on  Pinterest and Facebook.

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