How to Make Rainbow Colored Spaghetti At Home

How to Make Rainbow Colored pasta

Rainbow spaghetti is great for sensory play and so easy to make. Babies, toddlers and preschoolers will love exploring the color and texture of the spaghetti and as it is edible there are no worries about them putting it in their mouths.

Sometimes the dinner table needs a little fun. It doesn’t matter if you have kids or not, this trick for dying cooked pasta is simple, eye-catching and makes mouths happy. 

Learn how to make rainbow pasta so that you, too, can get in on this easy kitchen project and win major parent of the year points.

So this is our today’s featured DIY project ‘Homemade Rainbow Colored Pasta/ Spaghetti’. Check below step by step instructions.

Tutorial : How to Make Rainbow Spaghetti

How to Make Rainbow Colored Spaghetti
Your kids are going to love this dish. This vibrant rainbow pasta looks so fun, and it’s really easy to make. Just make pasta as you normally would, then use some plastic bags and food dye to create spaghetti strands in all the colors of the rainbow. The next time you want to throw a fun dinner curve ball at your kids, try above idea.

This homemade rainbow colored pasta is not your typical weeknight spaghetti, unless of course your name is Punky Brewster or Rainbow Dash, but it was honestly way easier, and perfect for a birthday party, Halloween, or even a rainy day activity.

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