Colorful DIY Lace Doily Bowl Tutorial : DIY Room Decor

Feeling crafty?? Who would have thought that a lovely bowl can be made from a lace doily? It’s a very pretty decoration to adorn your room and can even hold your jewelry. The pattern it casts from its shadow is simply gorgeous and it’s also very simple to create this cool DIY home decor.

Lace doilies are the easiest way to add a shabby chic look to your home decor. With spring just around the corner, lace doilies are perfect for a light and airy feel.

This is our today’s featured DIY Craft Project. Learn how to make it with below step by step tutorial.

Tutorial : Colorful DIY Lace Doily Bowl

diy room home decor bowl

You will never look at Doilies the same way again. You are going to love these Doily Bowls Crafts and they are super easy to make ..

Make something mod with Grandma’s doilies! If you don’t already have some on hand, doilies are easy to find in thrift shops. And this project turns these old fashioned decorations into something stylish and unexpected.

This simple DIY project is a great way to organize some of your trinkets, and also a great use for all those old doilies floating around in the universe. Whether they’re from your local thrift shop or passed down from your family, this project is a great way to give doilies a new fresh life.

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