Dream catchers are beautiful traditional Native American trinkets that are told to filter your dreams when you hang them in your window. 

They are a great piece to hang in the bedroom, throughout the home, in an outdoor space, given as a gift, or created together among friends + family.

When dreams enter your room as you sleep, they pass through the dream catchers, which will snag the bad ones and allow the good ones to carry on towards you, giving you sweet dreams! Whether you believe the folklore or not, the story of how a dream catcher works is a nice one to tell children who are having trouble sleeping after a bad nightmare. The best part is that, the next morning, you can help them make a dream catcher of their very own so they’ll feel safe by their next bedtime!

If you have always been fascinated with dreamcatchers, click here for some DIY dreamcatcher tutorials that you can use for your room decor!

How To Make Dream Catcher Tutorial


how to make Dream CatchersHope you have learnt now how to make your very own dream catcher with this easy to follow picture tutorial! 

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