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13 DIY Garden Decor Ideas: Butterfly Feeders

I am a big fan of butterflies. I mean who does not like butterflies? Not only do butterflies bring color and beauty to the garden, but they do important work by pollinating flowers. So if you are like me love seeing tons of butterflies in your garden, these DIY butterfly feeders will help you to attract more butterflies. All you need to do is , just be ready to welcome them with open heart.

Why not provide a little something to attract more of these magical creatures, and reward them for their contribution to your garden? A butterfly feeder will tick both these boxes, plus many serve as pretty garden ornaments too!

All of these DIY butterfly feeders are really decorative and beautiful. Plus, when you fill them with nectar, they attract so many butterflies. Follow the links after each diy for step by step instructions. Lets check out and have fun 🙂

1. DIY Butterfly Feeder And Waterer

Raise your hand if you find it cute. These DIY Butterfly feeders are easy to make, and kids will find it fun to help. The top section can be used to hold water and the bottom one can be used to keep nectar or fruit pieces or flowers..or whatever that butterflies love to eat. Guys trust me this DIY butterfly feeder is very easy to make and make your garden look magical. Source/Tutorial: diynetwork

2. Hanging Grapevine Wreath Butterfly Feeder

Like humans, fresh water is essential for butterflies. This butterfly feeder is so easy to make and it won’t cost you much to make it. If required, you can buy grapevine wreaths at any craft store for just a few dollars each. Are you excited to create this DIY project? Source/Tutorial: empressofdirt

3. DIY Hanging Plate Feeder

Besides bringing a magical beauty to any garden, butterflies help promote growth by pollinating flowers. You can attract more butterflies to your yard with these DIY butterfly feeders – one made with a plate and one made with a jar – that also serve as attractive garden ornaments. Do you like it? Then follow this tutorial for more details. Source/Tutorial: brankletsnbling

4. Upcycled Glass Dish Butterfly Feeder

Butterfly feeders are easy to make, look wonderful in your garden and help wildlife! To make this feeder, you can upcycle some old glass dishes. Just collect your old glass plates, glasses, teacups or whatever you think is appropriate for this diy. Now fashion them into a wonderful butterfly feeder that you can hang in your garden. Give it a try guys and enjoy. You will for sure love the final output. Source/Tutorial: feedingbig

5. This simple and easy Fruit Feeder to Attract Butterflies and Birds

I simply love this project. Adding a fruit feeder to your yard can help you attract butterflies, and provide a treat for fruit-loving birds as well.I can’t wait to try this for my garden and invite more butterflies. Who else going to try this feeder? Source/Tutorial birdsandblooms

6. Spring DIY Bird Feeder For Under $5

What a wonderful idea! This easy, budget-friendly bird cum butterfly feeder is worth to give it a try. All you need to do is,twist wire into a spiral shape, add some delicious fruit and hang on a tree. Thats it. Be ready to welcome beautiful butterflies in your garden. If you wish, you try other shapes too. Does this sound interesting?
Source/Tutorial: Spiral Wire Feeder

7. Rustic Jute Butterfly Feeder

Here’s how to make a DIY butterfly feeder that makes a wonderful addition to any garden or flower bed. Records show that the numbers of butterflies, bees, and other pollinators are declining, so they really need our help! This simple feeder, made from a mason jar, some twine, and a piece of sponge, will help attract these friendly insects to your garden and give them a place to refuel. It’s a win-win! And if you agree then follow this tutorial for more details. Source/Tutorial: traditionalcookingschool

8. Upcycled Tin Can Butterfly Feeder

It so simply to make. First, fill an empty jar or used tin can with some colorful bright fresh flowers and then add a little sponge or cotton ball soaked in sugar water. And get ready because soon you’ll see butterflies flitting all over your garden, backyard. Further you can add an artificial butterfly to the can for the full effect! What do you think guys? Would you like to try this butterfly feeder? Source/Tutorial: parents

9. Repurposed Pie Tin Butterfly Feeder

Involve your little ones to make this feeder. Butterflies signify new beginnings among other things, draw the beautiful creatures to your yard with this fun DIY Butterfly Feeder! Take an empty pie tin to make this cool DIY butterfly feeder. Let the little ones help you to decorate the tin the way they want. Once done, wait with them in your garden to welcome beautiful butterflies. Source/Tutorial: ocmentor


Butterflies are so beautiful…watching them fly makes me really happy! This beautiful feeder made from recycled household objects will bring butterfly visitors to your garden all summer long. So follow this DIY project for further How to instructions. Tutorial/Source : handmadecharlotte

11. Upcycled Thrift Store Supplies Feeder

Its a great DIY to reuse old wine bottles, plates and other items. Since you can reuse trash, this amazing looking handmade butterfly feeder is actually very cheap to make. It really doesn’t take much to add some color to your gardens, not to mention functional art. So head out to the thrift store and then pick up some silicone…and get busy. You will for sure love the final output. Source/Tutorial: upcycledstuff

12. DIY Mason Jar Butterfly Feeder

It’s also a really gorgeous feeder when it is finished. And it is made up of my favorite craft item: Mason jars. Encourage butterflies to visit your yard and pollinate your plants by making a butterfly feeder. It’s easy! So follow this DIY project for further How to instructions. Source/Tutorial:

13. DIY Butterfly Feeder Jug

Reuse old glass jug, to make a gorgeous and functional butterfly feeder. You can decorate the jug however you want. You will also need some thin rope or twine and a tight fitting lid to create the feeder part. Are you excited to create this DIY project? Source/Tutorial:

I hope you will try atleast one of these amazing diy butterfly feeders. Wishing you an amazing happy crafting time 🙂

Thats all for today guys, I hope you had an amazing time here. Do visit our website again for more DIY crafts ideas. Meantime you can connect with us on  Pinterest and Facebook.

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