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Tips To Pick the Right-Sized Indoor Grow Tent

As the world moves towards a more sustainable lifestyle, the need to grow your own vegetables and other indoor plants is increasing with every passing day. And hydroponic systems are proving to be one of the best solutions to produce a bountiful and organic harvest.

While a hydroponic system makes it easier to have an indoor garden in limited available space, one of the key elements that can help you grow your own greens all year round is hydroponic grow tents. These indoor grow tents provide a regulated and safe environment for your plants and, if done right, you can maximize your productivity in very little space.

But to get it right, few important factors need to be taken into account. Factors like the kind of plants you wish to grow, the space available, and how much money you want to invest in your hydroponic garden will decide the size of the grow tent you need. 

So, in this article, we will share some useful tips to pick the right sized indoor grow tent that will not only help you have a blossoming garden but also maximize your harvest. 

Important factors to consider while choosing a hydroponic tent kit

The most basic function of a grow tent is to accommodate the plants you grow in your hydroponic garden. So, the tent you choose should provide enough space for the plants to grow without getting cramped for space.

These grow tents come in various shapes and colors, but what is important is the size. An oversized tent will shoot up your expenditure, and an undersized one will not provide enough space for the plants to grow abundantly. 

Plant size

How big will your plants grow when they mature and whether they will occupy space vertically or horizontally will decide the grow tent size. A small grow tent will suffice for those who wish to use the grow tent to start seeds and eventually move the plants outdoors.

However, if you wish to use this unit to grow the plants throughout their growth cycle, a large grow tent is what you would require. Few other things to keep in mind are that you must leave enough space between plants so that you can move around while tending them, and they also get enough space to grow. Depending on the space available, zero down on the number of plants you grow in your hydroponic setup

Grow lights

Providing the right amount of light is extremely important for the development of your plants. Too much or too little can hamper their growth and damage the final harvest. So, the size of your grow tent is very important to provide the right amount of light from an appropriate distance.

Whether you get a small size grow tent or a big one will depend on how much light your plants require and from what distance you need to provide that light. If it’s too small, the light might get too harsh for the plants and damage them. Lights also emit heat, so you need to take that into consideration. Leave enough extra space for the heat to die down and create good ventilation so that your hydroponic tent doesn’t get too hot. 

Ventilation and other equipment

The main idea behind factoring in various aspects before deciding on the size of the grow tent is that the unit should be spacious enough to accommodate all the equipment you require to set up a hydroponic garden. It should also have enough ventilation. After accommodating reservoirs, pumps, light stands, ventilators to cleaning equipment, etc., your grow tent should still have breathing space for the plants to grow well. It should not become a stuffed storeroom that has everything else but enough space for the plants to flourish. 


The size depends on how much you want to spend on it. If you have a fixed budget in mind, then you can compare the sizes and how much they will cost you.

However, do remember to factor in other expenses for setting up a hydroponic garden. An expensive, big grow tent doesn’t mean that you will have a bountiful harvest. If you are a beginner, starting with a small unit is advisable. You can then expand as and when you get better with it. 


This is an extremely important yet often ignored aspect of choosing the right size of your hydro tent setup. Any enclosed area with lights and machines is prone to fire and other mishaps. So, if you can handle high voltage lights, extension cords, etc., well, then only go for a large grow tent. If not, opt for a smaller grow tent.  

Choosing the right kind of grow tents can be challenging and overwhelming at the same time. But if you take time out to determine the space available, the kind of plants you wish to grow, and the amount of money you have allotted for the unit, you can easily get the size that suits your needs.

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