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The Ultimate Cost Guide for Moving a Mobile Home

Do you want to know how much it will cost to relocate your mobile home? Don’t assume that you can just throw it on the back of your truck and go. Moving a HUD-compliant mobile home (also known as a “manufactured home”) is a massive undertaking. It is also quite expensive. However, with the right team of mobile home movers and careful planning, it is possible. Here’s an estimate of how much it will cost to relocate a mobile home.

Moving a Mobile Home Cost

Because special hauling vehicles, escorts, and permits are required, moving a mobile home can be daunting and costly. However, professional mobile home movers and transporters make the process easier. The cheapest mobile home move costs $5,000, the average is $9,000, and the most expensive is $13,000. The cost to relocate a mobile home is largely determined by the home’s size and the distance it must travel.

What Factors Influence The Price Of Relocating A Mobile Home?

The cost of moving a mobile home varies depending on the distance traveled. Several common factors influence the total costs involved in moving a mobile home. These are some examples:

The Mobile Home’s Distance

The shorter the distance, the less expensive the move. As you might expect, towing a mobile home behind a large truck takes a lot of gas. Not to mention that movers won’t be able to drive quickly or around corners. Furthermore, a longer move may necessitate the purchase of new tires and equipment to handle the distance.

The Dimensions Of The Mobile Home

The size of your home has a significant impact on the overall cost. The size of a double-wide doubles the cost of moving it, so a single-wide will save you money. If your home is too wide for vehicles to safely pass each other when traveling down the street, you may be required to pay for a police escort or temporary road closure. Moving to a taller home can be more expensive because there may be fewer routes to take, which could add more mileage to the move.

The Mobile Home’s Weight

Free Mobile Home Info reports that the average weight of an older home is between 35 and 40 pounds per square foot, while the average weight of a newer manufactured home is between 45 and 50 pounds per square foot. For your 800-square-foot mobile home, that means it could weigh up to 40 tons. Yikes! Remember that the more bulky your mobile home is, the more tools and supplies the movers need to get it from point A to point B. Because of this, expenses will increase.

Permits And Inspections Are Required

When relocating your mobile home to a new county or state, permits for each territory it enters or travels through may be required. Fortunately, your movers should be able to assist you in obtaining these permits before the move. You may also need a “setup” permit to relocate your mobile home to a new city. In terms of inspections, some states make inspections of older mobile homes mandatory. This contributes to the safety and compliance of homes.

Material Transfer

Moving a mobile home requires many materials, ranging from tools and supplies to tow hitches and tires. Your moving company should be able to itemize the costs of packing supplies and other necessities in your contract.

Service Setup

Expect to pay more if you hire full-service movers for your mobile home relocation. Aside from transportation costs, many professional movers will charge a fee for disassembling and/or reassembling the mobile home. Removal and installation of a porch, foundation (or skirting), and interior features are all included in these costs. Reconnecting a double-wide mobile home is another service that will incur additional costs from mobile home movers. Such assistance can run anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000. Many mobile home moving companies also offer setup services, but homeowners may need to disassemble their mobile home’s skirting and other exterior fixtures before they come.

Age And Overall Health

If the mobile home is old or requires extensive repairs, the movers may have to spend additional time repairing and modifying it before it can be driven.

Liability And Insurance

To hire professional movers, you must purchase liability insurance for the move. You should also think about getting additional insurance. If you already have mobile home insurance, check with your carrier to see if they cover a mobile home while it’s in transit.

The Cost Of Various Types Of Mobile Homes

Cost Of Moving A Single-Wide Trailer

The majority of mobile home moves are less than 100 miles long. A full-service move for a single-wide mobile home costs between $5,000 and 8,000 dollars.

The Cost Of Moving A Double-Wide Trailer

A double-wide mobile home can be moved for $10,000 to $13,000 for a local move of fewer than 100 miles.

How to Find and Hire a Mobile Home Mover

Before hiring a mobile home mover, consider your needs and whether you need a transporter or a full-service mobile home mover. You are responsible for everything except the initial hook-up, transportation, and delivery when using a transporter.

A full-service mover handles everything but charges extra for disassembling and reassembling the mobile home. Utilities are disconnected and reconnected, exterior features are removed and reinstalled, and double- or triple-wide mobile homes are skirted and connected.

After contacting a mobile home relocation company:

Moving a Mobile Home on Your Own vs. Hiring a Professional

When moving a mobile home, professional movers are almost always hired. People with the necessary equipment and experience should only attempt mobile home relocation. In addition to legal constraints, the project’s complexity prevents most do-it-yourselfers from moving to mobile homes.


While mobile home mover serves an important purpose, they cannot do everything. Do your research, especially regarding the home’s landing page. Get in touch with the park managers and iron out all the kinks before you move into a mobile home.

All taxes must be paid in full to obtain a county tax assessor’s certificate on time. Prepare for the move as far in advance as possible. Also, make certain you have your title certificate. If you can’t find it, order a duplicate. You may need to obtain your state moving permit. Discuss whether the mobile home movers will obtain the permit or if you will need to do so.

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