10 Creative DIY Lighting and Lamp Ideas

If you are looking to spruce up your lighting, indoors or out, there are tons of brilliant lighting solutions out there.

There are so many different types of lighting and they are all unique. In this cute DIY collection of lamps, pendants, chandeliers and all sorts of fixtures, finding the one that bests suits your needs and preferences is an almost impossible task. But there are ways in which you can design them yourself.

Creative DIY Lighting and Lamp Ideas 11

There are tons of Creative DIY Lighting and Lamp Ideas out there to choose from if you’re interested – these are just some of our favorite unique chandeliers. DIY lamp projects are a great way to get started with because they are absolutely beautiful and make a very noticeable impact in your home – they’re highly visible and lovely if they are compatible with your home decor.

Check out these amazing and easy craft ideas. Lets get started.. Shall we??

1. Mason Jar Hanging Candelabras

You must have seen these type of mason jar hangings in some cafes or bar. Right? These are beautiful light fixtures made out of mason jars. Well, what you may not know is that it can be made at your home quite beautifully with this step by set instructions. I am sure, it will be wonderful addition for your living space or kitchen area.

Creative DIY Lighting and Lamp Ideas

To implement this mason jar Creative DIY Lighting and Lamp Ideas  , all you will is a large plywood board, ropes, and of course, mason jars. Mason jars must be filled with an electric tea light. So that ut will give a soft yet radiant shine and make the overall ambience very pleasant. Remember that, they must be attached to the plywood board and suspended with the help of a rope to make the look complete. Tutorial/Source: marthastewartweddings.com

2. Plastic Glass Pendant Lamps

Now, plastic glasses are available at any house. You can recycle used dry plastic classes to make these DIY paper lamps. They are perfect for night get together. Check below step by step instructions on how you can also create Creative lamps.

Creative DIY Lighting and Lamp Ideas

Source/Tutorial: veetje.be

Put on your crafty caps, and just think of ways to make it beautiful and colorful. If you aren’t that much of a creative, well here’s one idea. You can wrap the glasses in colorful fabrics to make a lampshade. Then make multiple lampshades like these, and tie them together with a thread, fix in some LED or fairy lights and hang them above the bed, the picture gallery or maybe even near the door.

3. Candle holder pendant shades

This is very nice for a perfect lighting for your outdoor dining area. First collect a few candle holders and cut off the bottom from them and fix them around usual pendant lights. Once that is done then suspend them to a wire and place it in the outdoors. Thats all, you are successful in creating a dabbled subtle light effect that you can enjoy during your dinners with family or loved ones.

Creative DIY Lighting and Lamp Ideas

Tutorial/ Source: hgtv.com

4. Globe pendant lamp

I was very fascinated of the globe in my childhood. This DIY Lightening is a great to make use of that long forgotten globe of yours and turning it into a study lamp or something. Perhaps, you should try it now if you have one. It will be fun.

Creative DIY Lighting and Lamp Ideas

Source/Tutorial: rosebudscottage.typepad.com

What all you have to do is: cut the globes into two halves and hang in from the ceiling. It’s that easy, and you can also flaunt off your nerd side with these uber cool lampshades. The great news is you can make two shades with one globe, turning each hemisphere into one.

5. Glass bottle pendant lamps

All wine and drink loves this DIY Lamp Project ideas is for you. Just tell me, what do you do with the empty bottles left over after your drinking sessions?  How about turning them into wonder lighting fixtures instead? Check this out.

Creative DIY Lighting and Lamp Ideas

Source/Tutorial: styleitchic.blogspot.ro

There are two ways to do it. First you can cut off the bottoms of the wine bottles and fix a bulb into it and suspend from the ceiling. This would be a great way to give subtle lighting to your kitchens, dining space or living areas. Second way,you can also use the same bottom-cut bottles as candle holder or electric lamp shades, by placing them on the stairway or in the corner of the room.

6. Faux capiz chandelier

Chandeliers are love. If you are also looking to get a chandelier for your house, look no further and invest time in making this beautiful, sophisticated and alluring DIY chandelier. It sure looks difficult to make and is time-consuming. But at the end its worth of your time and energy.

Creative DIY Lighting and Lamp Ideas

Source/Tutorial: designsponge.com

For this project, you would be needing, a couple of rolls of wax papers, scissors, white spray paint, parchment papers, ribbons, a hot glue gun, circle cutter, an iron and a cutting mat. You can start of by spray painting a planter basket and making the capiz shells. Next take the wax paper, cut them into three pieces and place them in between the parchment paper. Now fix ribbons to the planters’ basket and glue the capiz shells to the ribbons until the desired height. And voila you are done.

7. Tree branch chandelier

If you love wooden furniture then you will love this tree branch chandelier. Its a wonderful idea for houses with big dining spaces, a tree branch chandelier needs some branches, candelabra sockets and lamp cords. You can to collect as many twigs, branches and barks as you want, clean them and screw them together into desired shape. Once done, you have to wire the sockets together, screw them onto the branches and add a cord to give it a final touch.

Creative DIY Lighting and Lamp Ideas

Source/Tutorial: apartmenttherapy.com

8. Tulle pendant lamp

I love this adorable DIY lamp. It looks like a tutu skirt for little children. It will give a soft yet brilliant lighting effect to small dining spaces. The material you need is a large tulle, a light bulb, an embroidery floss, embroidery needle, safety pins, and a cutting mat. First of all, take the tulle and cut it into a 17” wide strip, fold the piece that is larger of the both so that the shade could be of three layers. Then secure these with safety pins and sew them carefully. Finally, place a cord in the shad and fix a lamp and you will be done with your project.

Creative DIY Lighting and Lamp Ideas

Source/Tutorial: craftynest.com

9. Folded paper lamp

Do you like origami crafts?? This one is for those who enjoy the craft of origami and paper folds. This DIY paper lamp is simple and subtle, but needs a lot of patience and time to make. So, one evening you can sit on the couch and make this one while watching a movie or binging on a TV show. In 7-8 hours you will be able to finish the whole thing, but the final outcome will never disappoint you.

Creative DIY Lighting and Lamp Ideas

Source/Tutorial: ahyiyi.blogspot.ro

10. Bamboo orb pendant lamp

This elegant lamp is made with bamboo strips and one CFL bulb. You got to use flexible bamboos for this project so that it can be bent as per your need. Other materials needed for this project include glue, cords, scissors and mini spring clamp. All you have to do is, you have to cut the strips and bend them to form a circle. Later, glue them together and fix the lamp from the top of the shade and suspend it from the ceiling.

Creative DIY Lighting and Lamp Ideas

Source/Tutorial: craftynest.com

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We hope you enjoyed these Creative DIY Lighting and Lamp Ideas collection.

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