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3 Unique Plastic Bottles Recycling Ideas For Home Decor

creative reuse of plastic bottles

Can you imagine a day with out using a single product of plastic? Plastic is everywhere and so the pollution created by it.

Plastic bottles, Plastic computer keyboard, Plastic bags, Plastic TV Remote control, the list is endless.

The question is once the plastic item is used, where does it go?

There are hardly any people who think about recycling of plastic.

And people who don’t think about it help to increase plastic pollution which is actually making its way to spoil our natural water sources.

If you are really serious about recycling of plastic items in a creative way then this is your article.

Think before you trash it. These DIY plastic bottle crafts ideas will help you to create attractive home decor items.

Just save your empty plastic bottles for cool plastic bottles recycling ideas.

You can involve your kids also in these projects. Have fun!!!

1.) Make a Flower Vase out of Plastic Bottle

What you need is:

Check out the full tutorial :

How to Make a Flower Vase by Recycling Old Plastic Bottles

2.) DIY Candle Holder from Old Plastic Bottle

Via: fabartdiy

What you need is:

 3.) This Colorful Beautiful Peacock from Plastic Bottles

Looking for a beautiful home made garden decor item?  

Then consider making of this evergreen peacock by recycling old plastic bottles.

You can later color it with whichever colors you like to make it more attractive.

Via: fabartdiy

What you need is:

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