3 Easy Step by Step Tutorials on How to Make Orange Peel Candle

how to make orange peel candle DIY

All Orange lovers gonna love this tutorial on how to make orange peel candle.

Oranges are great source of Vitamin C and antioxidants. 

Just tell us, till date what have you done with all those orange peels after you are done with eating oranges?

Kids are big time fan of orange peels as they squeeze them in each other’s eyes.

We are sure you must have also done this in your childhood.

Well, you would be surprised to know that orange peels can be reused to make an emergency oil lamp, bird feeder, seed starter pot etc.

It also can be used to deter ants, keep mosquitos away, scrub your kitchen sink.

Out of so many practical ways to reuse orange peels, in this article we will show you 3 easy ways to DIY orange peel candles.

These DIY craft ideas are so easy and safe that you can make this your kid’s weekend DIY craft project.

These temporary orange peel organic candles not only look adorable but also smell awesome.

So what are you waiting for? By making these homemade orange peels you will add ambiance to your room and brighten your home.

Give it a try.

1.) Adorable Homemade Orange Peel Candle

orange peel candle diyVia: diysunday

What you need is:

  • Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon
  • Knife ( Buy HERE )
  • Any type of oil, Vegetable, Olive, Canola, etc. ( Buy HERE ) 

2.) Homemade Orange Peel Candle for Halloween

homemade orange peel candle for holloweenVia: howtoinstructions

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3.) Simple DIY Orange Peel Candle 

how to make orange peel candleVia: howtoinstructions

Dont you think this is one of the most easy, inexpensive craft projects. 

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