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How Fast Does Mold Spread? And Tips To Clean It

Mold is something we all come to dread at some point in our lives, but that is especially true if you own property that might be threatened by it. The best thing you can do is be informed, so you can hopefully avoid ever having to deal with mold. If you do spot those black specks or something similar on your stuff, you should at least learn what to do next. Read on to learn more about mold and how to control it.

What is mold?

Mold is the name for multiple species of fungi that grow in a specific way. They generate multicellular strands called hyphae, which can give the mold its “fuzzy” appearance. When enough mold cells grow and proliferate, they form colonies.  

Causes Of Mold Growth

Mold grows when spores encounter food and suitable conditions. To mold, essentially any organic matter equates to food. 

What Promotes Mold Growth?

Mold needs the following four conditions to be hospitable for growth: water, food, temperature, and oxygen.  Often, encountering even a little moisture like increased humidity in the air is enough to get mold started. Below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, however, it struggles to grow. Mold needs at least some oxygen because it is an aerobic organism.

How Fast Does Mold Grow And Spread?

How fast mold grows and spreads ultimately depends on the species, its food source, and the other exact conditions. That said, it can usually begin growing within 24 hours after receiving moisture. Mold spores can start forming colonies within 3-12 days and are noticeable after 18-21 days. 

How Does Mold Cause Damage?

Because mold is eating the organic material that is your property, it is also logically breaking it down. In the process, the integrity of your ceiling, furniture, or whatever it happens to be growing on is gradually weakened and will disintegrate if the problem is left unchecked. 

How Can I Stop Mold From Growing?

The main idea to keep in mind is to control the amount of moisture in the environment. If you think an area is at risk of mold, do whatever you can to dry it out. In the case of water damage, the second most important thing to do is to act quickly. The longer you wait, the worse the problem can become.

How Do I Clean Mold?

In general, experts do not recommend tackling visible mold problems yourself. If you have failed to prevent mold, it is best to call in a mold remediation specialist who can help you with your specific situation. 58 Foundations is an example of the type of 5-Star service you can rely on if you need help with problems like spreading mold

Hopefully, you should feel more prepared now that you know precisely what mold is and what causes it to spread. But at the end of the day, if you have a mold problem big or small, just remember to call a professional to get it all straight.

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