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Home Trend: Modern Kitchen Decorating Furniture in 2020

We love spending time in our kitchen because, aside from it is the place for cooking, the family could come together to eat and have a conversation. The kitchen is the best place to brew and drink morning coffee, make that waffle pancake you crave, and sometimes a sip of wine on a late weekend night.

Improving and upgrading your kitchen supplies will make it a go-to place in the house. There is plenty of kitchen furniture, so let us talk about the trendy decorative kitchen furniture in the market today.

Kitchen Bin

The first in the list is the unnoticed unpopular kitchen bin. Often times, with busy schedules the kitchen will be left unattended with plenty of dishes on the sink and food waste on the table. 

You need to place a kitchen bin to make sure that people will know that there is proper place for food waste, plastics, and recyclable materials—proper segregation. A messy place is unlikely to attract people but instead germs that may cause harm to your family.

The kitchen bin comes in different sizes and is easy to clean, so the odor from food waste will not stick to it. This will help the atmosphere clean and preserve a pleasant smell. Also, its modern designs complements well with how the kitchen look. Most importantly, it does not take up too much place as you can keep it under or beside the kitchen cabinet.

Kitchen Cabinets

We are used to seeing wooden kitchen cabinet, but with the innovations, there is what we call the modern kitchen cabinets. The materials often used for modern kitchen cabinets are metal, plastic, concrete, and glass. Its color complements well with the metal appliances such as the refrigerator, microwave oven, gas range, and marble tabletop.

The modern kitchen cabinets are easy to clean up and will preserve your kitchen utensils well. The old wooden cabinets may damage the kitchen utensils because it attracts termites, a type of insect that eat wood.

That does not mean you must replace your old wooden cabinet if it is well preserved as well. With proper maintenance and applying wooden decking oil, you can make it look like a brand new again.

Long Island – Kitchen Table

Made from its finest materials like marble tiles, opaque glass, and wooden tiles, this is the best place to spend dinner time with family and friends on any occasion. Additionally, it is safe to decorate it with tiny pot plants or gadgets if you need to do your work along with the pleasant smell of a coffee.

The long island table is must-have kitchen furniture today, so grab the opportunity to get one.

Over the Island Chandelier and Over the Cabinet Lighting

Lighting your kitchen is an essential way of keeping it a go-to place in the house. With good lighting comes a stress-free place to eat, drink, and chat with family and friends.

The modern way to do it is using the over the island chandelier as it creates an atmosphere similar to expensive restaurants. This kind of atmosphere will help you forget about the coming deadline for the project, the mobile game that has been consuming your time, and any other stressful activities.

Moreover, inventions such as over the cabinet lighting are now available in the market place.

These two options are the best choices for lighting the kitchen so that you will not have any issue cutting the food ready to be cooked.

Wall Mount Bluetooth Speaker

Have you ever wonder why fancy restaurants play music on their establishment?

Aside from it creates a calm ambiance, some research shows that listening to calm music while eating helps you, not lose your appetite. That means you will be able to eat your food and give the proper nutrients in your body, even if you are preoccupied with the worries in life.

Whether you are a music lover or not, you can install a wall mount Bluetooth speaker in your kitchen, and this saves up space too.

With plenty of choices in the market today, I recommend either of these two brands: Bosé and any Harman Kardon affiliate such as JBL. Some retailer offers free installment service too. With the right crisp sound and low bass, these brands create a sound like no other.

These are our honorable mentions which is optional depends on your budget and type:

Bright up your kitchen with this modern decorating furniture. Time with the family is a time worth spending.

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