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7 Unique Ways To Recycle Old Tires


Do you have any old tires at home? And you have no ideas what to do with them?

Do you know there is a variety of DIY old Tyre recycling ideas which convert these useless tires into something useful like home decor or garden decor?

Well, in this round up we will show you creative DIY craft ideas to reuse old tires.

Here are some brilliant people who found DIY ways to re-use their old tires.

For step by step instructions please follow the below mentioned links.

Again if you don’t have any tires to make these crafts, take your friends and family’s help.

You ask for it, we are sure you will get it.

There are many interestingly unique DIY ideas to recycle your old car tires to make household items, garden decorations, toys for kids etc.

Check these references. Once you get an idea what can be done with it, you will explore your imagination power.

Have a look. Cheers.

1.) Make a sandbox with a tire!

Check out the full DIY

2.) DIY Tire Planters

  3.) Make some garden decor like this

Check out the full DIY tutorial

4.) Trash Pile Tire Made Trendy Table Tutorial

Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE

5.) Isn’t it so bright and colorful

Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE

6.) Tire Rocker and See Saw

Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE

7.) Turn An Old Tire Into A Gorgeous Planter

Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE

Spread the happiness by sharing these DIY tire planter ideas by recycling old tires.  

Happy Crafting. Keep smiling 🙂

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