DIY Home Decor Projects For A Peaceful Bedroom

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Everyone deserves a bedroom that feels like a sanctuary: your room is a place to unwind and relax after the a busy day.

Fortunately, most forms of bedroom redecoration can be done with DIY projects in your downtime, ones that don’t require hiring an expensive interior design professional.

If you’re on a budget (or if you just appreciate a good DIY hack), basic home improvement strategies can give your room the zen makeover it needs, so that you come home everyday to well-earned peace.

Bedding and linens

The single most important aspect of a calming bedroom is making sure that you have a comfortable bed. In fact, the adverse side effects of a bad mattress extend well beyond bedtime: bad or outworn mattresses can result in allergies, joint problems, and even prolonged back pain.

To earn some well-deserved sleep, check whether your mattress is up-to-par by comparing it with other brands on the market. Follow-up with some DIY pillows and a comfortable sleeping mask for a nightly ritual that makes you feel at rest.

Bedroom aromatherapy

The calming benefits of essential oils such as lavender or grapefruit seed are well documented, but there’s a surprising number of ways to use aromatherapy DIY-style.

For starters, combine your favorite essential oils for a scent that’s unique (and comforting) to you. Dilute the mixture with water to make an organic air-freshener spray, or put 2 drops of the oil on a cotton ball in your trash can or laundry bag to freshen up the odor.

DIY photo strips and wall decoration

Instead of overpaying for a store made string of wire to hang your photos, do it yourself! To begin, by a roll of cable wire, miniature-sized clothespins, and an affixer (such as thumbtacks or adhesive strips).

Cut the wire for your chosen length of the photo strip, affix each end with the adhesives, and use the clothespins to hang your pictures on your wall.

Going the DIY route with this option lets you customize the length, size, and shape of your photo strip so that your room doesn’t feel over-cluttered with images.  

It’s so rewarding to choose and customize the home decoration projects that make you feel most at peace.

The right combination of DIY elements will give your space the refreshed makeover it needs so that you can have a room that’s peaceful for rest.  

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