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DIY Room Decorations: Handmade Beautiful House Number Plaque

diy room decor
Need to do some updates to your home decor, namely the first impression. You can play with the house numbers and make them more interesting.

The outer look of the house represents you the most. It is the first impression that gives to the people who first enter your home.

So get crafty and surprise them all with your imagination. You can make house numbers out of wood.

This is our today’s featured DIY Craft Project. Learn how to make it with below step by step tutorial.

Tutorial : DIY Wooden House Number Plaque 

You know those boring old house signs that you easily could have missed if you were driving past the house a little too fast?

They have officially been kicked out by the new generation of house numbers that are bringing uniqueness, noticeably and charm straight to your doorstep!

If you’re ready to make the switch (of course you are!), dive into this innovative DIY house number sign and find the one that will suit your home!

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