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7 DIY Flower Garland Ideas To Decorate Your House

diy flower garland handmade diy flower decorations floral

Flowers are always praised for their beauty, sweet fragrance, flavors, and medicinal benefits.Today we still make use of flowers in party, festival decoration.

That’s the reason flower garlands have huge importance in different cultures worldwide.

They are often hung on walls or windows as natural air-fresheners and given to guests as a gesture of welcome.

In Hindu culture, flower garlands are offer to god and goddess. In Asia, travelers are welcome with fresh flower garlands. There are many ways to make flower garlands. In India, you can find fresh Jasmine flower garlands are sold by the roadside everywhere.

Garland can go very well inside or outside of your house. Making your own handmade flower garland is a great fun and a perfect way to get creative.

You can make use of ribbons, bows etc to make it more attractive.

Many people believe that garlands are good luck charms. If you are looking for DIY flower garland ideas then you are on the right page.

We have here 7 stunning handmade garland ideas for you. These tutorials will show you how to make a beautiful flower garland at home in your budget.

For instructions please follow the below mentioned links.

Its not necessary that you should buy very expensive flowers to make these projects. Take below projects as a reference and you can definitely customize the ideas with whatever flowers you have.

So be ready with your flower to make the best fresh flower garland any occasion.

Cheers!! Happy Crafting!


Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE


Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE


Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE


Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE


Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE


Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE


Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE

Spread the fragrance by sharing these ideas with your friends and family.

Stay happy. Stay fresh!

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