11 DIY Creative Photo Display Ideas To Try: Part 1

diy creative photo display ideas

Family and friends are very important parts of our life.

They make our memories. Memories are a precious thing to preserve.

We are lucky that today’s technology offers us multiple methods of recording these happy moments of your lives and keep them safe.

Photography is one of these methods.  Each of us has photos from our childhood and of our loved ones.

Sometimes you may find these photos lining somewhere around the house in one form or another.

Creating a unique representation of photos help to bring up all those valuable memories.

There are many ways for creative placement of your photos.

However those who are bored of the usual and conventional methods by which they can display their family photos are in luck: we have rounded up some of the most fun fresh and creative photo display ideas to display your photos around the house.

And hey, you wont spoil or destroy your walls with these DIY ways.

We hope you will get inspired to create a unique display of your favorite photos.

1.) Creat a balloon chandelier to make your photos pop-up

creative photo display ideas 1Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE

2.) Convert your Instagrams into lavender or cedar sachets

creative photo display ideas 5Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE

3.) Embroidery Hoop Photo Display

creative photo display ideas 7Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE

4.) Make Glowing Photo Spheres

creative photo display ideas 6Check out the full DIY tutorial : content.photojojo.com

5.) Make Miniature Resin Photo Charms

creative photo display ideas 3Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE

6.) You can re-use a fallen branch to add a rustic charm

creative photo display ideas 4Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE


creative photo display ideasCheck out the full DIY tutorial HERE

8.) Make use of washi tape to add a fun

creative photo display ideas 2Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE

9.) DIY Wall Picture Collage

creative photo display ideas 8Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE

10.) Scrap wood heart photo collage

diy creative photo display ideas

Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE

11.) Chalkboard Wall

creative photo display ideas diyCheck out the full DIY tutorial HERE

(Via: buzzfeed )

So which idea to you find appealing?
Let’s get crafty today with these creative photo display ideas ways to get your photos off your hard drive.

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