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8 DIY Clutch Bags To Take Your Outfit To Entirely Next Level

Your bag tells a lot about you? So why not create your own with one of these DIY clutch bags tutorials.

Which season is not the perfect time to rock a clutch?

For cocktail parties, wedding weekends, and the like, every stylish gal needs her go-to clutch.

Clutches are also a great accessory and can make a real statement.

While most divas would certainly love to buy a new designer clutch for every outing or occasion, the reality of how much that would cost is simply overwhelming.

In this article, we have got a decent collection of DIY clutches.

By simply utilizing old fabrics, recycled material and outdated bags you already own, you can easily create an original accessory piece in just a few simple steps.

So what are you waiting for girls.

Lets get started

1.) Emilio Pucci Inspired Clutch 


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2.) DIY Leather Clutch 


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3.) Embellish Your Purse Easily 

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4.) Marvelous Black and White Purse 

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5.) Paint Your Purse With Nail Polishes


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6.)  Gorgeous DIY Clutch 

image via

7.) Lovely Clutch To Make at Home

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8.) Embellish Your Clutch With Colorful Stones

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