10 Creative DIY Bookmark Making Ideas For Kids

Looking for some fun craft ideas for kids? Creation is the best way to get relaxed and in the same time do something useful. For example bookmarks.

10 Creative DIY Bookmark Making Ideas For Kids

To make your reading more interesting for your kids and you, think about making these fun DIY bookmarks. From animals to monsters to quotes, these bookmarks are a fun way to come back to the page.

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Encourage reading and give fun rewards with these diy bookmarks. Your kids will love them!

Here are 10 Creative DIY Bookmark Making Ideas that kids can make and use, and even give as gifts.

1.Easter Bunny Bookmarks

easy bookmark making ideas

Dont you think, bunnies are cute?? So how about making a bunny bookmark? To make this cute, adorable bunny bookmark, you need is a paperclip, a bunny and an Easter egg sketch drawn onto the paper and finally a thread. Start with a glue. Glue the bunny sketch onto the paperclip and attached it to the Easter egg with a thread. Tutorial/Source:  redtedart.com

2. Dainty Daisy Bookmark

easy bookmark making ideas

If love crochet, then this daisy flower bookmark is for you. The material you need is some colored worsted weight yarn, a G hook. Check this step by step DIY Bookmark Making Idea which will help you make the right crochet bookmark easily. Tutorial/Source: daisycottagedesigns.net

3. Easy Bookmarks Using Craft Sticks

easy bookmark making ideas

Trust me these ones are so easy to make that you could perhaps even involve your kids as well. Start by coloring popsicle sticks with your choice of design and shape. To make it more fun, do not hesitate to use some ribbons, sequins or other embellishments. Tutorial/Source: redtedart.com

4. DIY Bookmark Using Recycled Cardboard And Artwork

easy bookmark making ideas

If you have some pieces of cardboard, an old artwork, some PVA glue, and some ribbon then what would you make out of it? An amazing bookmark right?? For this, I suggest you to take recycled cardboard pieces, preferably thin ones, and cut them into hearts of different sizes. Once done, now stick these heart shapes onto the old art sheets and attach it to the ribbon with the PVA glue.Tutorial/Source: redtedart.com

5. Harry Potter Bookmarks

easy bookmark making ideas

I was a big fan of Harry Potter movies and novels. I remember finishing one of its novel by staying awake one night. This bookmark is for harry potter lovers out there. 

You many not get these bookmarks in the store, so how about making it at home. Specific colors are used for each of the house.

  1. For the Slytherine Bookmark – Green and Grey
  2. For the Hufflepuff Bookmark – Yellow and Black
  3. For the Gryffindor Bookmark – Maroon and Yellow
  4. For the Ravenclaw Bookmark – Blue and Grey

For further step by step tutorial follow this guide. Tutorial/Source: redtedart.com

6. Bookmarks Inspired From Your Favorite Books

easy bookmark making ideas

What better way to make bookmarks than making bookmarks of your favorite books or magazines. When you buy books at bookstores, they sometimes give you promotional bookmarks, but making one on your own is definitely a much better idea.

Select your favorite image, quote or cover of the book, scan it, print it. Now glue it on a colored cardstock sheet to achieve the desired outcome. Its so simple right? Oh and also, you could just attach a ribbon to it as usual to give the final touch. Dont you think its a fun DIY bookmark project to work with the kids.  You can keep them occupied for many hours. Tutorial/Source: redtedart.com

7. Watercolor Leaf Bookmarks

easy bookmark making ideas

Making bookmarks is the excellent way to make use of paper, black glue and watercolors. What you all have to do is, just draw a template on the right watercolor sketchbook, outline it with black glue and paint it in colors of your choice.

To make it more interesting you can also make a tiny little matching acorn and tie or glue it to the leaf with the help of a thread or a yarn and you are done. Tutorial/Source: redtedart.com

8. Mindful Bookmarks

easy bookmark making ideas

Do you like quotes?? Then how about carrying these quotes with you in the form of bookmarks??  All you need to do is cut a cardstock paper and doodle your favorite set of quotes. Later color them with sketch pens or sharpies. Then punch a hole, attach a ribbon or a woolen strand to the bookmark, and you’re done. Tutorial/Source: www.redtedart.com

9. Black Glue Art Shark & Seahorse Bookmarks

easy bookmark making ideas

This is unique handmade bookmark project. Its also eye catching and colorful. Its a fun kids craft to make with painting , other kinds of art, glue. All you have to do is take a white paper or a cardstock, draw the template of a shark, seahorse or any other creature you like and cut it out. To make it look good, now, outline it with black glue. Then paint the insides with watercolors to give a final touch to it. Tutorial/Source: redtedart.com

10. Origami Ghosts Bookmark

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Origami is fun. Have you tried any origami projects? Then try this origami ghost bookmark. But this ghost is the cutest one. These little ghosts can be made with one square sheet of paper and will be perfect for bookmarking your horror reads.

For detailed steps you can follow this guide. Tutorial/Source: redtedart.com

We hope you enjoyed these easy Creative DIY Bookmark Making Ideas collection. For more such easy and fun DIY craft ideas keep visiting our website.

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