When it comes to floor tile installation, what sort of ideas come to your mind?

Well, for home decoration I am sure many of you have a great imagination power like this or this to make your house beautiful.

But have you ever considered decorating house floor with old pennies instead of traditional tiles.

A Reddit user jake0111 has done this.  His wife works in a tile store.

When they decided to replace their titles, he decided to do something unique.

This DIY Penny Floor Home Decoration Project will blow your mind. Yes, it needs time and accuracy. But if you have both then what are you waiting for. Take help of your friends and family and just keep start with DIY home decor project.

Inspite of how crazy this idea may sound, you certainly can’t miss to have a look.

Now lets see step by step to exactly to start with this project.

So this is how he started.


Creating something new will definitely take more time. But its worth. What Do you think?


Good he got a helper. So you also do not hesitate to get help from your loved ones. It will not only help to finish this project faster but also you all will have nice fun time together in making something so creative.


An extra pair of hands makes visible difference like this.


And yes, design its too important. But if you are new in this then you can skip making designs. Even simple penny floor itself is a master piece.


Still so much to do. Thats why I said, you will need patience to complete this project. Apart from Pennies, your patience is the important ingredient in making this DIY Penny Floor Home Decoration Project successful. Yes or No??


And finally its done. Great Job! Time to give a nice pat on your back.diy-floor-tile-installation-replacement6

penny floor installation

Here is one minute tutorial on DIY penny floor installation. Check it out.


Isn’t it a non-traditional but nonetheless awesome looking floor.

So who all are planning to try this DIY Penny Floor Home Decoration Project? If yes, then raise your hands.

Once day when I will have so many helping hands, patience then for sure I am going to try this project.

By looking at the floor, it feels like a floor of a palace. So rich and unique in its own way. I just wonder, you first have invented this DIY Penny floor installation ideas??

Whoever that person is, but this idea is simply stunning. Is there any other material we can use instead of pennies? Like how we can use glass marbles to a make a table. Of course, we cant use glass on the floor as there is a danger that it may get cracks.

Anyways, thats all for today everyone. Thank you so much for checking out this DIY Home Decor Project Idea. 

There more such ideas here, I hope you will check them too.

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