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10 Amazing Repurposed DIY Wine Bottle Crafts

Repurposed DIY Wine Bottle Crafts recycle reuse

Wine bottle crafts are a fun way to upcycle a perfectly functional glass container we would otherwise throw away. Repurposed DIY wine bottle crafts come in many shapes and sizes, so you can still use them.

Like any craft that involves glass, care should be taken.

10 Creative Repurposed DIY Wine Bottle Crafts

1. Tied Trio of Wine Bottle Vases

They say good things come in groups of three and this quirky and simple DIY wine bottle craft shows why. This is a fantastic way to repurpose all of those celebratory bottles into original centerpiece ideas. Wrap some string around them to secure them together into one creation. Filled with your favorite flowers, this tied trio is a tried and true decoration that’s perfect any time of year.

2. Tiki Torch Trio of Repurposed Wine Bottles

Ignite the backyard and bring it to life with these repurposed wine bottles. Decorate them in any style of your choice from nautical to tropical to blend into your existing backyard oasis design. And while they are looking great, they are working overtime as they also double as functional tiki torches. They are a great addition to any al fresco dining event.

3. Repurposed Painted Wine Bottle DIY Lamp


The slight curves and solid bottom make a used wine bottle a top choice for converting into a DIY lamp project. Fill the inside with some paint and swirl it around for a complete covering to give it a new color and purpose. A few pieces from your local hardware store and you’re ready to assemble this reimagined bottle. It makes a personal gift for a close friend who considers him/herself a wine connoisseur.

4. Think Outside the Box Bird Feeder

Birds of a feather will flock together over to this incredibly unique repurposed wine bottle bird feeder. What an ingenious way to design a beautiful bird feeder to give our feathered friends a wonderful winter cafe. Turned upside down, this glass bottle makes the ideal place to hold all of the birdseed and utilizes gravity to keep the trough filled. It serves its purpose while looking great in your back yard garden.

5. Homemade Vinegar Infused With Herbs


From being served alongside the dinner of an awesome associate to the cooking of the meal itself, this repurposed wine bottle idea is bon appetit! Stuff some of your favorite herbs inside, pour in some olive oil, or for a much more economical alternative you can use vinegar, and marinate to achieve some heartily naturally infused oil for your mealtime enjoyment. When attending a dinner party, bring one along to treat the hostess. It’s a great way to say thanks for sharing a meal with me!

6. Marble Filled Beautiful Glass Bottle Torch


All of the shades of blue and green swirl together in the marbles at the bottom of this glass bottle-turned torch. Just light the wick and you’ll enjoy the serene glow from this ocean-colored gem. It’s the perfect touch to add to the scene of your mid-summer pool party. Another great option is the single, elegant touch for a minimalist’s wedding reception.

7. Gorgeous Etched Glass Bottle DIY Vase

Grab the girls and get busy creating these crafty and easy DIY glass bottle vases. This is a brilliant way to re-think the used wine bottle and give it a new life. Why not have some fun along the way and host a girls’ night to get this glass bottle party started? Fill with seasonal goodies for a quick and simple centerpiece or friendly neighbor gift.

8. Wonderful Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Keep the cork and bottle after you top it off so you can create this magnificent wine bottle bird feeder. It’s the perfect size to hold enough bird feed to meet your needs and keep your feathered friends flocking to your home this winter. With a hold drilled near the bottom, all you need to do is add a base for the birds to perch and a wire to hang it from to make this feeder ready to go!

9. Nostalgic Steampunk Repurposed Wine Bottle Lamp

Gears galore are what you’ll see in this steampunk repurposed wine bottle lamp. It’s a fun touch to add some extra light into your home while keeping your style in check! Wouldn’t this look fabulous in your teenager’s bedroom, or even in the living space of a college student’s dorm? You can customize it with your choice of colors to make it even more extra special.

10. Darling Dish Soap Repurposed Wine Bottle

With a little glass etching handiwork, you can achieve this darling dish soap reserve. It certainly makes the chore of washing dishes a little more fun when your supplies look so fabulous! No need to hide this soap under the sink since it looks so cute as a part of your kitchen decor sitting next to the sink. Gift this to the person on your list who has everything!

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