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16 Porch Lighting Ideas for Home Decoration

Get ready to light things up! A porch is one of the most versatile parts of your home and is an area that you can decorate however you please. There are several ways in which this part of your home can get a makeover, and implementing good lighting is one of the best ways to do so. By putting in good lighting into your home, you can change up the mood and feel, while playing around with the overall aesthetic of the area. Simple lighting can help elevate the furniture that you already have and can help illuminate the parts of your porch that you want to stand out.

16 Porch Lighting Ideas to Add Warmth and Charm to Your Home

There are several different types of options that one can go in for when trying to find lighting that fits this part of their home. If you are on the lookout for some inspiration on what you can do, here are a few options that you could go in for. These options may look good by themselves, but can always be personalized according to your own preferences and requirements. The following are 16 of the best porch lighting ideas that you can go in for to give your home a nice aesthetic and a beautiful makeover.

1. Yellow Bulb Outdoor Railing Lights

A lot of the improvements that one can do to their porch have to do with the placement of the lights in this area. One good tip is to find a part of the porch that you want to illuminate and find lights that enable you to do just that. If you want to enhance the overall look of your railings, string bulbs that are lined across the railings are a brilliant way to bring in some light.

2. A Basket Full Of Lights


Pairing up lights and yarn is an incredibly popular home DIY, and a lot of people like to incorporate this into the outdoor seating set up that they have. However, as opposed to hanging them up from the ceiling, putting these light balls into a basket and placing this at the side of an outdoor room is a brilliant idea to incorporate into your home.

3. Flower Pot Candle Light Holder


Mixing up your lighting with the greenery on your porch is a good way to incorporate elements of the outside with your decor. This candle holder is a brilliant example of that since it lets you use a light source that is paired up with a little bit of nature.

4. Rustic Style Wooden Outdoor Lantern


Sometimes, the rustic look is something that can look incredibly good in an outdoor setting, especially because of how low maintenance it can be. This particular piece features an incredibly trendy lantern that can be placed at the side of a chair, on the front of the porch, or even hung up if you like.

5. Glass Bottle Side Wall Outdoor Lamp


Glass bottles can be recycled to make beautiful lamps. The texture of these kinds of glasses gives out a good amount of diffusion while making the entire fixture seem neat and appealing. If you are looking out for a good way to recycle and make your outdoor area look good, this is the way to go.

6. Ceramic Bowl Table Top Lamp


Sometimes, just a small lamp on top of a side table is all the illumination that you need for your outdoor space. This ceramic bowl lamp is the ideal size that fits on the table without taking up too much space. The positioning of this lamp can make or break the entire aesthetic that you want to achieve. Place the lamp somewhere close to aesthetic objects like this neatly shaped plant to enable it to illuminate something without taking away from the rest of the room.

7. Mason Jar Fairly Light Side Lamps

Mason Jars and fairy lights are a beautiful combination, especially when it comes to some kind of outdoor lighting. The lamp can either be placed in the middle of the seating area or on either side. Because of how versatile this lamp is, it is something that can even fit inside parts of the house.

8. Ceiling Border String Bulbs

Sometimes, lining the border of your entire ceiling with bulbs can work well to improve the overall aesthetic of this area. If you are looking for something that is subtle, yet unique, this is the lighting option to go in for. Placing this is rather easy since it just needs to cover a part of the ceiling border. If you are looking for unique but easy to implement porch lighting ideas, this is something that you should go in for.

9. White Lace Cut Table Lamp

A delicate white lamp is sometimes all that you need to give your porch the lighting that it needs. If you are on the lookout for subtle porch lighting options, this is something that you should definitely go in for. This lamp, in particular, can fit in with almost any kind of home decor and looks incredible when it has a yellow flame in it.

10. The Hanging Tree Plate Lamp

Sometimes, a simple lamp that is hanging from a height is all that you need on your porch. This lamp sits on a nicely carved piece of wood and burns bright all through the day and the night. The candle on this is incredibly easy to change up and is something that can definitely elevate the entire feel of your outdoor area.

11. Nature Will Be Your Light Lamp


Letting nature take over some of your lightings, or placing it on the lamps yourself is a great way to give your porch a feeling of the outdoors. This idea is especially great for those who are looking for porch lighting ideas that incorporate greenery into their designs.

12. The Bright Pink Holding Lamp

A lot of people tend to shy away from adding a bit of color to the decor of one’s porch. If you are looking for porch lighting ideas, one good approach is to add a bit of color into the lighting fixture that you are thinking of using. This particular lamp is a tabletop lamp and has a big bulb in the center to help illuminate it.

13. Table Top Bottle Tiki Torches


Table Top Tiki Torches always add a certain amount of flair to any kind of setting, and can also be as colorful as you want it to be. If you want to add some unique porch lighting options that are not commonly used, this is one of the options to go in for.

14. Old English Panel Side Lamp

If you want a bit of the nineteenth-century decor in your home, a nice olden style lamp like this one is always an option that you can go in for. The lamp can be placed near a doorway, a window, or any other part of the outside of your house. Make sure that it is in a place that gives enough light to your entire porch.

15. Tall Mason Jar Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps are a great way to incorporate lighting into your porch area without taking up any of the space on the tables or the walls of your home. Floor lamps can look incredibly aesthetic and can give off a very rustic air when you use them, making them a great addition to an outdoor area.

16. Monochrome Cylinder Table Top Lamps


If you are looking for something that goes with the rest of your black and white setting, a monochrome cylinder that can be placed on top of your table is something that can fit rather well. This particular lamp also has some nice textures to give the light that it emits a little more depth.

We hope you like these Porch Lighting Ideas.

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