If you want to find the best gas water heater, we have prepared a list of the top picks in 2021. Yet, we do also recommend you proceed with finding a contractor that will assist in the purchase of gas water heaters for your particular case.

#1 Rheem Performance Power Vent Natural Gas

First off, let’s say that natural gas units are the best for cost-effectiveness, while you also have a good supply of hot water for your household. This Rheem Performance model with power vent natural gas features tank sizes ranging from 40 to 75 gallons. And, it is simply the most popular option among tank-style gas water heaters among people who care about affordability and quality.

The key feature of this gas water heater is its capacity to vent to the exterior either horizontally or vertically. The range is linked to up to 100 feet, and it is ongoing due to the designated fan-propelled exhaust system. Besides, it caters to portability, and easy installation when you can even deal with it alone without technicians. Furthermore, rather than using ambient air for system functions, the water heater pulls air in from the outside.

#2 Ecosmart ECO 27

The next top choice comes from the renowned brand of tankless units, EcoSmart. This ECO 27 model is an ideal option for people with huge hot water expectations and demands. If you go for the big capacity model, it is believed to have flow rates from 2.7 to 6.5 GPM, depending on the temperature of the entering water. In simple terms, it will be pretty enough to take a shower and run a dishwasher simultaneously. 

You may change the water temperature with the help of an innovative control panel as well. In a few clicks, it will adjust per your current mood or needs. When it comes to small units, with 17 by 17 inches in size, they can be easily hung on the wall in your basement or utility closet which will only free up floor room.

#3 Rinnai RL Series HE+

Then, when overlooking the top-rated units, it is necessary to consider Rinnai RL75iN. First off, it is super small, so good for freeing up the space. Secondly, it is highly efficient. This water heater comes with a 0.81 energy rating and is expected to deliver homeowners approximately 7.5 GPM of water for their domestic purposes easily. Alongside such characteristics, expect a great feature of ThermaCirc360. It works by recirculating hot water through your pipes, and it all helps to increase hot water delivery rates. Regardless of its strong capability, this water heater has an ultra-low NOx burner.

#4 A. O. Smith Signature 35500-BTU

Now, the A.O. Smith Signature Series which can promise around 35,500 BTU low NOx burner. As for the other features, do not expect anything WOW. It fits families with low paying capacities and those who do not run several appliances simultaneously and need hot water. Yet, you can enjoy the great design with the Limited series. For instance, there is a ceramic coating that covers the inside of the water tank and an anode rod that protects it from corrosion caused by hard minerals in your water supply. This type also has a self-cleaning dip tube, which is uncommon on low-cost gas water heaters. The Signature line comes with a 6-year limited guarantee from the manufacturer.

#5 Bosch Tronic 3000 T

If you want to increase the water supply for your domestic purposes, you should definitely consider point-of-use water heaters. This one is a mini model of common Bosch units that can be placed beneath kitchen sinks, and you won’t even notice it. This type comes with a 4-gallon tank and is capable of delivering water to two sinks simultaneously which is great. Then, this unit can be easily plugged into a 120V outlet. Note, the temperature of the water should be between 65 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Yet, it fits those who want to only increase the water supply with their existing units. So, consider it alongside other appliances. Otherwise, by finding a contractor, you can learn more about this model for your particular case.

#6 Eccotemp L5 1.5 GPM

Alongside the above-mentioned models that are linked to affordability, you have to consider the Eccotemp brand. It fits domestic purposes in conjunction with your outdoor needs.

It is a mini model that comes with a flow rate of up to 1.5 GPM which hints you at its fit for camping activities.

The electrical ignition comes with 2 D batteries and a 20-pound propane tank. To connect the heater to your water supply, you will need the hoses or pipe.

#7 A. O. Smith Signature Hybrid Premier 50 Gallon 

Last but not least model for your consideration is again from the A.O. Smith Signature collection. You may consider it for high energy efficiency. It is a hybrid model that comes with a hybrid heat pump that will heat the water on-demand only. It is Energy Star certified. It has a first-hour delivery of 46 gallons and can give hot water to families of more than 3.

Beyond that, it is worth saying that its 2 4,500 watt copper heating elements will be available in the package. 

Now, you have a decent choice of gas water heaters to buy in 2021. Note, many of them were the models of the previous years which only say about their reliability and high rankings. Of course, when choosing the one for your particular case, you obligatorily need a professional consultation. It will deprive you of unnecessary expenses, and you won’t stick to further upgrades or continuous repairs. Finally, all 7 models come with a pretty easy installation even regarding not so tech-savvy people. You can just follow the tutorials, or read the manufacturer’s manuals. Yet, do not forget about permits regarding the installation if your state requires them.

For more recommendations, stick to finding a contractor.

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