How to Make Book Page Flowers : 8 DIY Paper Flowers Projects

These little beauties could make for one amazing, offbeat DIY bouquet or just use them a beautiful centerpiece idea for a party.

I can’t believe how gorgeous and realistic many of these DIY Paper flowers look. These DIY book flowers are perfect for weddings, showers, parties, or just for decorating your home!

Easy Rolled Book Page Roses

To make these vintage book page roses, you just need old book pages, a scissor and a hot glue gun. These DIY Flowers absolutely look gorgeous and can be used to decorate so many different things. Interesting thing is they are easy to make and  perfect for creating your own DIY gift wrapping. Plus, you can add scrapbook paper or painted book pages to create the leaves, which gives them a completely different look. You could even add these to your DIY tote bags to give them extra design. Source/Tutorial: 2beesinapod

DIY Ribbon Book Page Roses

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Make a center piece with these DIY storybook paper roses that you also make with grosgrain ribbon. The entire look is one of a fairy tale and this one is perfect for adding some design to your little girl’s storybook bedroom. To make it look more beautiful do not forget to creat a bunch to these DIY Paper flowers. It’s also great for decorating for a princess birthday party, and they don’t take long at all to make. Source/Tutorial: 100layercake

DIY Beaded Book Page Roses

These beaded book page roses are perfect for a wedding bouquet or to decorate the tables at your wedding reception. You add pearl beads of your choice to the centers of the roses to give them a wonderfully decorative look. To make it more customized, you could even add colored beads if you wanted to match a specific color scheme. These DIY Paper flowers are super easy to make and they’re perfect for your wedding decorating. Source/Tutorial: grillo-designs

Easy Detailed DIY Book Paper Roses

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Make these diy flowers as your weekend diy project as these roses will take you a bit longer than some of the others. Howe ever they are definitely worth the extra time. You can color the petals to make it more attractive. You have to cut out the petals instead of rolling these but once you get all of your pieces cut out, these really are not that difficult to put together. And, they look so authentic. If you want paper roses that really resemble real ones, these are definitely worth checking out. Source/Tutorial: handimania

Simple DIY Vintage Book Page Roses

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Now you know, how to reuse old books to make these beautiful DIY Paper Flowers. Then try this idea.Any old book is going to be perfect for giving you gorgeous book page roses. You could also use new books but old books have that gorgeous yellowing color that is perfect for making these rustic looking flowers. These are really easy and they are perfect for adding a bit of extra design to your DIY rustic farmhouse furniture and decorSource/Tutorial: liagriffith

Curled Petal Book Paper Roses

diy paper flowers

And now this final DIY Paper flower project, is made by curling each individual petal. It may seems seems time consuming but once you really get the hang of it, you will be making a rose in just a matter of minutes. Make sure to cut out the petals individually and then roll them to give them the look of a true rose. These are pretty simple once you get started and you can turn out an entire bouquet in just a couple of hours. Source/Tutorial: instructables

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