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3 Cool Tutorials On How to Make a Cloud at Home. Its So Cool.

Hi guys!! Are you looking for any diy weekend projects?

Then this is one of the most adorable diy craft projects you will see today.

What an amazing homemade decoration ideas we have found.  

When you were kids, how many of you used to observe cloud shapes?

Well, I am one of them who not only used to observe clouds but also used to give names to these shapes.

Sometimes these shapes look like a flower, toy and what not.

With this tutorial you will see how to make homemade clouds which will add a calming effect to your room.

Let me tell you, these projects are absolutely sew-free and its results are stunning.

To make these clouds you will need simple material, your time and a bit of patience.

Have a look. Cheers!!

1.) This Cute Homemade Cloud Made Up Of Ballons

This looks amazing. A great project to do with kids.

Just look at these clouds. It gives instant happy feeling.

What you need is:

Check out the full tutorial :

DIY Cloud Decorations Tutorial

2.) DIY Cloud Backdrop

This could be the prettiest thing you will ever make to surprise your loveones.

What you need is:

Check out the full tutorial :

How to Make a Cloud Backdrop

3.) This DIY Cloud Lights: LED 

What you need is:

Check out the full tutorial :

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Share the cool ideas with your family and friends. Happy crafting. Keep smiling always.

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