Having a  rat infestation in your home brings with it a whole variety of problems. Not only are rats responsible for the spread of many extremely dangerous diseases such as the Bubonic Plague, but they will also do a significant amount of damage to food stocks (either through ruining packages to get at the contents or through contamination by rat feces) and even furnishing (hard and soft). 

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The danger of rat bites is also significant. They have been known to attack small children, infants, and even adults while those home residents are asleep. Even during the daylight hours, there is a definite danger of rat bites should the rodent feel in danger. They will also attack pets. 

But other problems come about as a result of having rats in your home. They can also undermine foundations by digging extensive burrows – and can cause other structural damage. Not to mention the fact that it is difficult to get a good night’s sleep while subject to 

They also breed prolifically – so just because you see one rat, tomorrow there may be many, many more – and that population can quickly get out of control. 

Fortunately, there are some over-the-counter remedies that can be purchased to help control or even eliminate rodent infestations, chiefly among these poisoned baits or the more humane traps that are on the market.

But the challenge is how to gauge whether or not your efforts to eliminate all the rats have been successful. As mentioned, rats breed extremely quickly, and just because you do not hear that scratching from inside the walls or in the attic does not mean that the problem has been solved. Even if there are a small number of rats in your home, in time, the problem will return with a vengeance.

So are there any ways that you can make sure that you have been successful n ridding your home of a rodent infestation? Fortunately, there are some DIY methods that will give you a good indication that your life is now rat-free.

The first is to simply look for droppings. An absence of visible droppings is, however, not proof that there are no rats. They may simply be defecating out of sight. A lack of disturbance of food packaging and stocks is also a good indication that the rats are no longer a problem, but it is also not foolproof. They could simply have switched targets to your garbage. 

But there are some other methods you could employ.

The first of these is to spread a fine layer of flour (fragrance-free talc is another option)over the floor in those areas where you suspect that rats might have been present. Leave this overnight and perform a visual inspection the next morning. Tiny footprints (you can see examples of rat vs mice footprints on many websites) in the flour? I’m afraid your rat problem has not been solved. 

Another option is to leave out a biscuit in areas where rats have been present. Make it a fairly substantial offering. Rats are larger and stronger than mice and will often drag the bait. Of course, you can also combine this approach with the flour sprinkling option. Look for those telltale footprints and whether the biscuit has been substantially gnawed or moved. If it has, unfortunately, you are back to square one.

But if you want a surefire rodent remedy – and want to ensure that rats are no longer present on the property, then you should seriously consider seeking the advice and services of professional exterminators.

These professionals will offer a variety of services. Firstly there is the all-important audit of the premises. With years of experience and highly qualified technicians, they will be able to quickly identify problem areas within the home or commercial property – and inspect to see if your rat problem is still something to be concerned about. 

If the rats have not been completely eliminated from your premises, they will use the latest technology and environmentally friendly chemical solutions, Including baits and traps) to make sure that the problem is dealt with once and for all. Professionals will also do follow-ups to ensure that the property remains rodent-free. 

They will also offer expert advice on how to ensure that your property remains free of vermin. 

There is simply no substitute for peace of mind. A rat infestation is not only an inconvenience. It can present severe risks to the health of the property occupants. Combine this with the fact that rats can cause enormous amounts of damage to assets, food, and even the structure of the property, and it becomes absolutely imperative that the problem is dealt with efficiently.  

If you have the least doubt that your property is rodent-free, do the logical thing and call in professionals who will make sure that you, your property, and your family are safe and secure.

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