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How to Bedazzle Your Wedding Shoes : DIY Shoes

Wedding shoes are the most significance choice which as a bride you will have to make after choosing your bridal attire and gown. It is vital that your shoes complement your gown and, like your dress, are ideal in every way. To select the right bridal shoe for the wedding day, you will have many things to consider. This includes the comfort, types of heel, materials used, colours etc.

When choosing the wedding shoes, I found that the designer footwear even though looks incredible yet they were very expensive. I was quite stunned by a pair of high-end designer shoes that I had seen in the store. They were pretty much the most dazzling, extremely stunning shoes I have ever seen. But the only thing that was big drawback for me was the price of the footwear as it was very much expensive.

This is when I thought of applying Rhinestone/Swarovski Crystal onto shoes on my own as this way I can cut down on the cost yet I can look perfect on my wedding day. I purchased a pair of satin wedges which was quite cost-effective.

How to apply Rhinestone/Swarovski Crystals on shoes?

In order to DIY bridal footwear, you will require the following things such as:

After you have arranged for all the above mentioned things, it’s time to follow the guide:

These are some of the steps that I followed in order to make my bridal footwear look extraordinary.

The entire process is not essentially an inexpensive or fast project, but it is much affordable than most other designer rhinestone-bedecked shoes, though. If the process seems a hard task, you can explore an amazing wedding shoes collection at JJ’s House – one of the finest online retailers selling wedding dresses and accessories globally at affordable prices.

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