13 DIY Lanterns To Light Up Your Outdoor Space : Home Decor Projects

When there are festivals like Christmas and events like wedding and parties then we all know Lanterns are so important.

Yes, you can buy stunning lanterns and lamps online. But how about trying to make some DIY lanterns this time. It will help to give a nice personal touch to your decoration.

Check these stunning, beautiful and easy to make DIY Lantern Ideas. Hope you will enjoy this another DIY Home Decor Projects collection. Happy crafting everyone.

1. DIY Garden Polka Dot Mason Jar Lanterns

diy lantern Home Decor Projects 1

You can do so many creative crafts using mason jars. And DIY lanterns is one of such crafts. These polka dot lanterns are perfect for late night summer outdoor activities. What do you think?  All you need, circle stickers to create the dots. These you can get from Dollar Store for a dollar per pack. Then you also need some spray paint and of course, the main material ,mason jars. Once you have all the material ready then start making design and then add tealights or small taper candles to create the lantern. Source/Tutorial: thesitsgirls

2. Pottery Barn Inspired Rustic Lanterns

diy lantern Home Decor Projects

These mason jar lanterns look just like the ones you can get on Amazon. Its just that, now you can make it at home. The rope hangers hold a wider taper candle that will bright up your outdoors. They’re so easy to make and save so much money. Also I believe its a nice handmade gift which you can give it your family and friends. Source/Tutorial: aloandbeholdlife

3. Upcycled Tin Can Tea Lanterns

diy lantern Home Decor Projects 5

What do you do with your old used cans? Throw them out right? I had published a couple post earlier on how to reuse old cans. Today you can use this DIY Lantern idea to reuse old cans instead of throwing them in dustbin. All you have to do is, cut the cans vertically and then use a heavy object to crush them a bit. Now add tealights and string them up. Feel free to paint the cans and then “rip” them to give them a really bright look.  Trust me, your garden or outdoor space will look so amazing with these beautiful can lanterns. I hope you will try it. Source/Tutorial: decoart

4. Glowing Seashell Table Lantern

diy lantern Home Decor Projects 3

When I was a kid, i used to collect seashells every time my mom-dad used to take me to the beach. What about you??Do you also love to collect seashells? Here’s a beautiful way to use seashells to create this stunning DIY Home Decor Project. Using this DIY Lamp, light up a table or deck or you could even add this to your garden. Oversized seashells are so perfect to create this masterpiece.  You can use it as a gorgeous centerpiece in your living room. All the required material you can easily get in your nearest craft shop or its available online.

Source/Tutorial: marthastewart

5. Rustic Metal Star Lantern

diy lantern Home Decor Projects 3

This rustic metal star lantern is perfect for hanging in the yard or garden. You can also make this rustic lamp simply using thick cardstock. So that there will be no worry to cut metal and possibly cutting yourself. A cardborad paper too will give this DIY lamp a nice rustic look. Give it a try and I am sure you will be delighted with the final outcome.

Source/Tutorial: apieceofrainbow

6. Easy Scrap Wood Luminaries

diy lantern Home Decor Projects 1

All the rustic lovers out there, may I have your attention please.  These DIY Lights are amazing DIY Home Decor Projects which you can easily try at home. These rustic luminary lanterns are made up of wood left over from other projects. Also you need a few scrap pieces of wood for each lantern and a tealight candle to light it up. This DIY Lantern project is easy. You dont have to be perfectionist, you can leave the wood as it is for a great rustic look. If you wish to be more creative then paint it a bit. You can hang these lantern in your porch or backyard. Source/Tutorial: divaofdiy

7. DIY Wine Glass Lamps

diy lantern Home Decor Projects 9

Whenever there are any festivals or wedding then there are wine glasses. Do you know wine glasses, vellum and tealight or small votive candles can make beautiful outdoor lamps? These pretty little DIY Lamps you can use on your table, deck. Include then in your wedding table decorations or Christmas table decoration. And the plus point is they are super easy to make. So are you going to give it a try? Source/Tutorial: popsugar

8. DIY Clay Pot Lamp Shade

diy lantern Home Decor Projects 5

This is the quick and easiest way to make a DIY Lantern for your home. Its so perfect to light up your garden. You turn it upside down, after painting it whatever color you want, and then add your lighting. The only things is , this lantern looks so simple then you can use your creative skills to take it to next level. Use some laces or paper flowers to decorate this the way you wish. Source/Tutorial: theartofdoingstuff

9. Tissue Paper Jar Lanterns

diy lantern Home Decor Projects 7

I told you right, how mason jars are so useful in many various DIY craft projects? Everyone has tissue papers at home. Use those tissue paper to create these beautiful mason jar lanterns that hold candles. If you dont have tissue paper then you can use any thin paper, color it and stick inside mason jar. And thats it. Your very own created DIY Mason Jan Lantern is ready. Source/Tutorial: helloglow

10. Rustic Twine Lights

diy lantern Home Decor Projects 9

DIY Twine Lanterns are all over the internet. But have ever tried to make it?? Yes, it needs some patience but without fail the final result will brighten your home. They look so adorable. Start with some twine and a balloon. Just blow up a balloon to however large you want the lights and then wrap them in twine. To keep twin and balloon together, you need glue. Once it dries, just pop the balloon. You can paint it with your favorite colors. You can also use LED tealights for the light. You can hang it on your bedroom wall or garden tree. Source/Tutorial: sassymamainla

11. Burlap Ruffle Base Lantern

diy lantern Home Decor Projects 9

This is called as burlap ruffled lantern. It main feature is, its beautiful and very unique. Also it adds amazing rustic touch to your outdoors. Start with a large glass vase, some burlap (make sure you have it enough to make a ruffle)  and finally you need a light. Now wrap the burlap ruffle around the top of the vase and add an LED tealight candle. And thats all. Your unique burlap ruffled lantern is ready. Source/Tutorial: itstoilegood

12. DIY Tube Garden Lights

diy lantern Home Decor Projects 8

These DIY tube lights look rich but at the same time they are so inexpensive to make. Make sue you have a couple of hours in your hand.  Start following the step by step instructions to make these stunning lights. Happy crafting Source/Tutorial: lowes

13. Easy DIY Garden Citronella Candles

diy lantern Home Decor Projects 9

And last but not the least, these beautiful yet simple citronella candle lamps. With all these DIY Lantern and Lamp ideas, I am sure you are going to stay little more in your garden. Dont you?? Enjoy your time outdoors by these candles. You can figure out these citronella candles are so easy to make. Also they give that unique rustic look to your home decore. Source/Tutorial: gardentherapy

Thats all for today everyone. I hope you liked this collections of DIY lanterns and lamp ideas. These ideas are great to start making DIY Home Decor Projects for your home.

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