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DIY Hacks To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

It’s not unusual for the bathroom to be the smallest room in your home. The average size of a bathroom in a U.S home is just 40 square feet, according to

But rather than face the disruption of an extension to make your bathroom bigger, why not utilize your DIY skills to make your bathroom appear bigger by utilizing bathroom storage options and clever design tricks?

Set A Reasonable Budget estimates that a DIY bathroom makeover will set you back between $3,000 and $12,000. The good news is that this is significantly cheaper than the cost of a full deluxe remodel which can come in at $100,000.

It’s wise to review your financial situation and carefully budget for your bathroom makeover before you start ripping any fixtures and fittings out.

Taking out a home loan is worth considering as it will ensure you have the funds readily available to achieve your dream bigger bathroom with these nifty hacks.

Utilize glass

A mirror is a necessity in any bathroom, but rather than opt for a modest one, go all out and secure one that takes up an entire wall.

By doing this, your bathroom will appear almost twice its actual size. Meanwhile, fix a translucent glass shower panel rather than a shower curtain so as not to break the flow in your room.

A wall covered in glass tiles will also maximize the space in your bathroom and create an interesting talking point.

Opt for white on white

White reflects light energy and can make even the smallest of bathrooms look larger than it really is. Therefore, layer up the white features in your bathroom by installing a gleaming white suite, painting the walls white and opting for glossy white tiles to create a spacious illusion.

And, if you’re worried about your bathroom looking too clinical, add metallic tile trims and a dash of color in the form of towels and soap dishes.

Recess Your Furniture

Rather than having your medicine cabinet floating on the wall, recess it into your walls. This creates a flush and seamless design and will prevent your bathroom from appearing cluttered and small. Similarly, storage cupboards can be recessed into your walls too.

By doing this you’ll gain several centimeters of extra space which may not sound like much, but in a room that’s less than 4 meters squared it can make all the difference.

Making your bathroom look bigger has never been easier with these design hacks.

So, once you’ve reviewed your budget, utilize glass features, go all out on white features and be sure to recess your furniture to create the illusion of space in your home’s bathroom. 

We hope these DIY Bathroom Hacks will help you to design your bathrooms.

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