How To Start Your Website In 15 Minutes

What Are You Waiting For???

So let me guess, you’ve been wanting to start your own website, but you’re completely clueless how to make one and most tutorials you find are full of technical jargon that you don’t even understand.

Many people think that to start a blog is hard; the truth is that it’s not that hard at all.

 If I can do it, I am sure anyone can.

Even I have gone through it! Trust me if you don’t have proper guidance, it’s simply frustrating. I remember my early days when I was scared and clueless to start my own site.. it seemed like a very difficult task.

All those blogging technicalities made my head spin! But then I motivated myself enough to take those initial baby steps. So I did not give up.

You don’t have to worry, because now I am here to help you out. I will guide you and provide the exact steps I used to start my websites.

I’ll walk you through the whole process of creating a website in less than 15 minutes.

So if you’re really serious about setting up your own website, not just a Tumblr or a Blogspot-hosted one, read on.

To get started you need to have a couple of tools, domain name, hosting, contentment management system, theme, and some decent ideas.

Let me give you some basic idea about these tools.

Domain Name and Web Hosting


The very first thing, you need a Domain Name for example is my domain name. Select a domain name which is easy to remember and relevant to your topic.

Remember you are going to create a brand with this domain.

Below is a free BlueHost tool where you can check, whether your selected name is available for you to use or not. You just have to put your desired domain name in the box and click the button.

For example if you put, I will get a message “Taken“.  Which is true now because I have brought this domain name already and no one else can use it.

The next thing you need is Web Hosting. It is the web hosting company that gives you the internet hosting service allowing your website accessible on the Internet.

Now there are multiple hosting providers that you can get your hosting from.

You can get your domain name and web hosting both from the same company or from different.

BlueHost: Safe and Trustworthy

BlueHost is the best hosting provider that is very reputable. Bluehost offers you a free domain name if you buy hosting from them.

CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP FOR BLUEHOST.COM . My current recommended hosting provider is Bluehost.

With BlueHost , you can easily take a back up of your blog. I believe this is a great feature because the last thing you want is your site to disappear. Also you can create a free email address, like

Now its time to show you How to start you blog with Blue host in just 15 minutes. Yes, its that easy and quick.

3 Easy Steps + Tips on Starting a Blog

  • Step #1: Register a domain name + web host (5 mins)
  • Step #2: Install WordPress (5 mins)
  • Step #3: Install a theme (5 mins)

Okay, let’s get started! Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you must be thinking. In fact, you can build your own website in just few minutes. It’s just I have to explain and give you some tips to make sure you setup your website properly.

Step #1: Get a Domain Name & A Web Host

Here’s how to sign up with Bluehost:

1. Go to (click here for a discount) and click “Get Started Now” button.

2. Enter your desired domain name, then click the “Next” button. However if you already have a domain, use “I Have a Domain Name” section and enter your domain name.

 how to create a wordpress blog

3. Now fill up the form and select a package. I would advise you to get their Domain Whois Privacy for $9.95 per year to prevent your personal information from being displayed to the public. But again its optional and upto you.

how to create a wordpress blog

Step #2: Install WordPress

WordPress is a online platform where you can write articles and publish it on your blog. You do not need to have website coding skills, wordpress will help you to create and publish article on your website with zero knowledge of coding.

You can take full control of you blog’s content with the help of WordPress.

Here’s how to set up WordPress:

1. On completing Step#1 you will get a username and password from BlueHost. Once you get your username and password, login to your Bluehost cPanel account.

how to create a wordpress blog

2. Now click on “Hosting” then and click on the “WordPress” logo within the Website Builders area.

3. Click “Install” button.

how to create a wordpress blog

4. Select your domain name from the drop down list then click “Check Domain” button.

5. Go through the terms and conditions if you wish to and check “I have read the terms and conditions “ then click “Install Now” button.

how to create a wordpress blog

6. Now you have to wait for the progress to finish, which should not take more than 5 minutes. Once completed, click on the “View Processes link then click on the “View Credentials” link, which are located at the very top of your screen.

how to create a wordpress blog

7. And you’re done! You have your blog setup now. Isn’t it easy ? How are you feeling about it?

8. To access your WordPress panel, click the “Admin URL” provided by BlueHost.

9. Enter your username and password then login.

how to create a wordpress blog

10. After successful login, you will be able to see your WordPress dashboard! Play around to familiarize yourself. Do some tutorial research to get the hang of it.

 Step #3: Install Your Theme

Once your WordPress set up is done, you will need a theme. Wide range of free themes are available to choose from and many of them are good quality but if want to look professional, its best to buy premium themes.

#1 To use a free theme:

Login to WordPress, go to Appearance > Themes > Install Themes and start your search. Or you can simply go to

#2 To buy a professionally-made theme:

My favorite is (price ranges from $30-$60).  Two of my websites are developed on

Also you can buy professional-looking themes from following sites:

Thesis Theme for WordPress: Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

Magazine3 Themes: These themes are easy to use and adoptable. For my SadToHappyProject blog, I am using Mommy&Me Theme.

The above listed themes happen to be the top 10 selling themes. In fact, they have absolutely the best WordPress themes around. Check them out to see yourself.

If we consider factors like price, support, availability of information then the name of these themes will come on top and the disadvantages are very few in my opinion. Many top bloggers are using them.

#3 To hire web designers:

However if you want to do a lot of customization then you may know someone who can do it for you or you might consider a job posting on or

You can find lot of professional theme developers on these sites.

Great! You’ve officially built your own website. Wow! That was easy, isn’t it? No you are free to start writting articles, posting videos/pictures on your website. How cool is that!!

Finally, if you still have some questions on how to create a blog or how to start a blog, please feel free to contact us. And hey do not forget to send us an email when your blog is up and running.

We will be more than happy to visit your blog and offer you my free blogging tips.

As always your feedback its very valuable for us. Help us to share this article. Stay happy and enjoy your life. Cheers!!

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