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10 Great and Fun DIY Coffee Cup Craft Ideas

DIY keurig k cups crafts to make reuse recycle upcycle art and craft

This is our second article of the Series ‘How to make creatively reuse of  K cups’.

In this article too we gonna show you the most popular DIY fun ways of recycling used k cups.

These tutorial are so easy to make that it will make you think twice to throw your used k cups.

We request you not to buy any cups as they are not good for environment.

However take your friends and family’s help. We are sure there must be at least one coffee lover you may know in your circle who can help you to collect used cups.

On publishing our first round up of these series, many of our readers have started saving their used coffee cups for more crafts.

This round up is dedicated to them and we hope they will love it.

You can make N number of usefull things from K cups. Like table platers, fun kids projecrts, snowman, organizer etc.  

They are great material to various DIY crafts.

So without any further delay. Lets get started with this amazing round up.

Happy recycling. Cheers to our creativity. 

1.) Do you like this adorable toadstool pin cushion made out of k cups?

2.) Consider making some home decor by creating these table planters

3.) Bohemian Sandals- From K-Cup Filters (DIY)

Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE

4.) Make some cute crafts for kids. Like this funny turkey 🙂

Check out the full DIY kids Carfts tutorial HERE

5.) K cups are also useful while making concrete candle holders. Use them as a mold.

6.) Use them while make Jell-O shots. You can find best how to make jello shots recepies HERE.

 Flickr: fireatwillrva

7.) Get ride of your fear of snowman melting. Make this giant un-meltable snowman from k cups instead.

How to build a snowman from k cups DIY tutorial HERE

8.) Make hair accessories stand like this.

Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE

9.) Handmade cute easter egg placeholders from k cups

Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE

10.) Yes, you can make this elegant paper lantern from K cups

Check out the full DIY Paper Lantern tutorial HERE

Spread the happiness at coffee table by sharing these DIY coffee cup craft ideas.

Stay cool. Stay Happy.

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