Our favorite small bathroom ideas will help you to make the most of your bijou bathroom with instant decor inspiration and clever design tips.

12 Small Bathroom Ideas You’ll Want to Try

1. Fragrant and Warming Cedar Sauna

Small Bathroom Ideas home design decor

Source: architizer.com

This gorgeous design brings the peace and tranquility of the spa into your home bathroom. Cedar wrapped ceilings and walls bring warmth and the healing properties of nature. The simplistic, neat lines provide unity to the room and inspire calming thoughts. The high window and white wall tiles in the shower afford lots of light to the room and add another touch of nature.

2. Minimalist Design with Repeated Tile Patterns

Small Bathroom Ideas home design decor

Source: nqender.com

This minimalist design is anything but boring. The simple, bright colored room is interrupted by a mosaic pattern of colors. The pattern extends from the bath wall to the vanity, to the floor tile, and even to the candle holders. The repeated pattern adds a level of interest to the standard design, elevating the standard scheme to a truly unique space.

3. Recessed Storage Cabinet and Farm Sink

Small Bathroom Ideas home design decor

Source: wintel-line.com

This small bathroom provides a gorgeous upgrade to a standard home feature: the medicine cabinet. Rather than hiding your things behind a bulky, ugly mirror, this small bathroom adds glass and paneling to the medicine cabinet. Clear shelves, a glass window, and white paneling turn something homeowners usually hide into a featured piece.

4. Lime Green Wainscoting Wake-Up Call

Small Bathroom Ideas home design decor

Source: cybball.com

This small bathroom is the perfect way to wake up in the morning. An energizing, lime green wainscoting gets you up and going. The green color scheme is mimicked in the potted plants and the natural element is reflected in the wooden toilet seat cover. The green glow is kept from overwhelming the space through simple, white colors.

5. Immaculate Silver, Gray and White

Small Bathroom Ideas home design decor

Source: maisondepax.com

Elegant, but minimalistic, this small bathroom design takes its color scheme from the marble countertops. Silver walls and white trim mimic the marble countertops through the room. white storage bins and a rich, carved vanity bring elegance to the forefront without sacrificing the streamlined design.

6. Urban Charcoal Gray Walls and Metal Accents for Small Bathroom Ideas

Small Bathroom Ideas home design decor

Source: imanada.com

City apartments can have beautiful bathrooms too that ooze style from floor to ceiling. The charcoal greys and black bins in this small bathroom design give the room an urban feel. The white counters and subway tiled bath give light to the space, and an oval mirror lends length and makes the space seem larger.

7. Pebble Tile Floor Paired with Aqua Shower Walls

Small Bathroom Ideas home design decor

Source: wearefound.com

This beautiful bathroom idea is inspired by nature. Pebble flooring is reminiscent of gently flowing rivers, a motif which is mimicked in the gorgeous, blue, mosaic wall tiles lining the shower. Dark brown accents provide a wooded feel to the room. While the white sloped ceiling draws the eye upward and bathes the room in light.

8. Up-Cycled Garage and Garden Finds Add Character

Small Bathroom Ideas home design decor

Source: funkyjunkinteriors.net

It doesn’t take a fortune to revamp a space, even garage sales can be a source of inspiration and decor for your bathroom design. Showcased in this bathroom design, garage sale finds can be repurposed and upcycled to provide charm in your bathroom. Old license plate are reimagined as decor, lending a rustic quality to the design. The is complemented by a garden ladder which has been remodeled for towel storage space, and a hand-woven wicker basket that is given new life as a bathroom shelf.

9. Curtain-Free Wet Room with Modern Wall Tile

Small Bathroom Ideas home design decor

Source: chateautourduroc.com

This tiny space turns its back on convention and gains space in the process. By forgoing a curtain, the room doesn’t feel as divided, and the space seems larger. The uniform tile extending from the floor to the back wall space of the shower also provides unity and ties the space together.

10. Space-Expanding Horizontal Tiles in Neutral Tones

Small Bathroom Ideas home design decor

Source: hgtv.com

This modern bathroom is breezy and light. Large, horizontal tiling draws attention to the width of the space and makes it seem more expansive. Likewise, the clean, geometric lines leave the space feeling simple, modern, and inviting.

11. Curved Edges and Creative Toilet Placement

Small Bathroom Ideas home design decor

Source: lostinvogue.com

One of the first things that catch the eye in this dream bathroom design is the unique toilet placement. This design feature utilizes the natural depth of the tub, and makes sure not a square foot of space is wasted. However, there is much more to see in this bathroom design than just the commode. Beautiful pops of orange come through clean white fixtures and gray walls. Chrome fixtures grant a mid-century modern feel to this quirky bathroom.

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