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10 Small Bathroom Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

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Looking for Small bathroom ideas? Big design opportunity. Grab inspiration from these gorgeous yet tiny washrooms. If your bathroom is totally micro, you’re probably looking to spruce things up a bit.

10 Small Bathroom Ideas We Love

1. Glittering Ocean of Turquoise Tiles for Small Bathroom


You can feel like a regular mermaid in this small bathroom look. Glittering blue tiles encompass the room, creating an ocean of blue. The mosaic is only minimally interrupted by shining metal and subdued white colors. The antique-inspired vanity is the ideal addition to the mermaid’s hideaway, and the gently curved faucet is suggestive of a mermaid’s tail.

2. Bring Natural Outdoor Elements Inside the Small Bathroom


This outdoor-inspired small bathroom feels like a natural hideaway. The rock-lined shower features a rain-head faucet, making you feel like you are washing in a waterfall. Wood floors extend the natural feel. The sink and toilet are kept simple so they don’t interrupt the motif. Potted plants, pillar candles, and lots of natural light perfect the organic character of the space.

3. Industrial Chic Updates to Dated Fixtures for Small Bathroom


If your bathroom is becoming a bit out-of-date, this small bathroom solution is ideal. A fresh coat of paint and some hardware upgrades give this basic vanity a modern feel. Painting old lightening fixtures in uniform black updates their look without having to replace them completely. Adding industrially inspired shelves with metal whicker baskets brings the look together and draws your bathroom into this century.

4. Calming White Marble Small Bathroom Design Ideas


Simple white marble and gentle light make this small bathroom the perfect, calming area for your home. The spa-like shower provides you a choice of a rain or hand-held shower head. The uniform look inspires you to quiet your mind, with no signs of clutter or stress in sight. Natural, relaxing light makes the space feel larger.

5. Dainty Counter Top Display Case


Cute and pretty accents are the main draw of this classy design. A lovely clear display case makes storage into a statement. The vase-like lamp adds a surprising, and unique lightening element to the room. Potted lavender and a richly textured shower curtain complete this well-appointed space.

6. Mod Patterns with Pops of Color


This adorable small bathroom is perfect for people who love modernist designs from floor to ceiling but hate boring colors. Pops of bright blue shine through the tiled wall. A unique yellow desk lamp serves as a quirky vanity light. A round mirror adds to the fun design and a free floating sink gives the illusion of extra space. This design uses unconventional features to create a cohesive, modern, and fun bathroom.

7. Woodlands Inspired Wallpaper and Art Design Ideas


Who says wallpaper is dead? Far from looking dates, this woodlands themed wallpaper adds lines to this small bathroom that draws attention to its height, and makes the room seem larger. The simple, geometric sink and clean, white backsplash prevent the wallpaper from making the room look cluttered. The nature theme is continued in the wood flooring and the artwork accents.

8. Monochromatic Ledge Shelves Display Collected Treasures


This simplistic bathroom uses a monochromatic color scheme to blend shelving into the walls. The shelves allow fully displays of collections of shells in this design, adding to the nautical feeling of the room. This small bathroom design, however, can be modified to showcase whatever treasures you love. The barebones clawfoot tub, copper pipes, and chair and basin add rustic charm to the space without detracting attention from the highlight shelves.

9. Masculine Corrugated Metal and Wood Shower Surround


If stark colors are more your speed, this small bathroom is for you. A concrete based shower with metal siding acts as a strong focus of this design. The dark textiles and colors give the space a powerful feel. The distressed wood cabinets also add drama to the area.

10. Cozy Brown Linens Paired with Icy Blue Walls


Comfortable brown linens contrast bright blue walls in this rich scheme. The light blue walls provide light, while the brown wood vanity and ladder add darker elements. Rich, fluffy towels, and wicker baskets provide warmth. A clear blue vase with woody blooms ties the two looks together.

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