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10 Creative Repurposed Cabinet Door Ideas

Do you have an old cabinet door that you are planning on throwing away? From serving trays to gorgeous picture frames and so many things in between, you are sure to find the perfect use for those cabinet doors. How about making your own chess board out of a cabinet door or maybe creating a gorgeous and space filled jewelry organizer? Here are awesome Repurposed Cabinet Door Ideas

10 Beautiful Reuse Cabinet Door Ideas To Decorate Your Home

Cabinet doors, just like the ones you discover at old homes, are like a blank canvas waiting to be upcycled and repurposed, from making a cabinet shelf to a DIY kitchen table, there’s a lot you can do. Turn your old cabinet doors into beautiful decoration pieces.

1. Impress Guests with Chalkboard Serving Tray


2. Repurposed Cabinet Door Shelf


3. But First Coffee Cabinet Door Sign


For this DIY project, an old cabinet door is transformed into the chalkboard you are seeing. This chalkboard can come in handy in your kitchen wall. It would make a great kitchen wall decor. You can write whatever you want on it from bible verses to “today’s menu.” The process of making this cabinet door is quite easy to follow.

4. Old World Christmas Cabinet Door Sign


5. A Charming Use for Extra Chicken Wire


Leave your visitors in awe by serving them with this one of a kind tray. I love this DIY project. The making process is quite easy to understand, even for a complete beginner. If you have more than one old cabinet door in your home, you can make different colors of this serving tray.

6. Elegant Autumn Chalkboard Hanging Sign


Not everyone has the room to store big furniture while contemplating their next project. That’s what makes cabinet doors the ideal material. They’re also great for aspiring crafters working with little to no budget. It’s easy to find cabinet doors cheap or even free at garage sales and on the social media exchange pages.

7. Serving Tray Project for Beginners


Do you find yourself fantasizing about furniture repurposing projects every time you pass a garage sale? Whether you’re considering your first project or have already completed dozens of pieces, we’ve got a gallery you’re going to love. Our list of 10 repurposed cabinet door designs includes something for everyone.

8. Milk and Cream Repurposed Cabinet Door Sign


You might already know someone that’s got a pile of dusty cabinets in their basement or garage. You can also store them in a stack until you’re ready to start repurposing them.

9. Upcycled Kids’ Storage Cubbies and Workspace


Amateurs can accomplish many of the projects with little more than chalk paint and an electric screwdriver. There are also many saleable, showpiece ideas for accomplished upcyclers.

10. Build A Desk Out Of A Cabinet


In this DIY project, you will learn how to transform your old kitchen cabinet into the fancy table. This project might not be an easy one to make by yourself. But with time, you will surely get the hang of it.

Some of these projects make quick and easy gifts while others result in floor-to-ceiling statement pieces. Choose a simple sign design that sits prettily on any free shelf. Or, make over an entire room with a rustic accent wall.

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