Outdoor lighting is an important aspect of yard and garden design. The right fixtures or features can add ambiance, while also providing functional lighting for use and safety purposes When the days become longer and start to warm up, it’s time to consider revamping your backyard living areas for the summer. An easy way to make your yard more inviting is to add lighting so that you can eat, relax, and reconnect with family and friends long after the sun goes down.

30+ Lighting Ideas to Beautify Your Home

No matter what size outdoor space you have, the strategic addition of lighting can turn your backyard into a cozy outdoor sanctuary with minimal effort and cost. The ideas below will provide examples of simple DIY options which can allow you to enjoy your backyard more fully this summer.

1. Sparkling and Pretty Fairy Light Filled Jar

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Adding a jar filled with fairy lights is a quick and easy way to illuminate that dark corner of your backyard wonderland. Place one on a corner table or line a trio down the center of the dining table to light up your sunset supper. You’ll enjoy the gentle glow of these dainty lights that can easily be moved around to add more light to areas as needed. They make fantastic gift ideas too.

4. Sleek and Modern Silver Lantern Patio Light

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: porchdaydreamer.com

Your backyard continues the look and feel of your modern home with this sleek and silver contemporary lantern. Framing your sliding doors, this lantern set will light the way to the wonders of the nighttime sky. Continue the look by using the same lantern style on your front porch and garage to tie it all together. The sheen of the silver along with the Edison style bulb adds character and charm to your contemporary design.

5. Great Grapevine Balls Filled with Lights

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: craftedbythehunts.com

Create an enchanted forest in the comfort of your backyard with these grapevine balls filled with fairy lights. The twinkle and glow shining from within these gorgeous grapevine balls are the perfect touch for adding ambiance and charm to your backyard. String them throughout a large tree or hang them around your pergola or gazebo to make special spots in your secluded oasis.

6. Retro Outdoor Edison Bulb Light Strands

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: ashleybrookedesigns.com

Everyone loves the look of these retro light strands that feature Edison style bulbs. It gives your outdoor space a modern and pulled-together look for hosting your backyard barbecues and friendly dinner parties. Light up the night for some fun salsa dancing and easy conversation by stringing these strands overhead from your backdoor to give a lot of light that shines just as much character.

7. Vintage Ladder Hanging Light Bulb Strand

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: idlights.com

Reimagine an old ladder as the ideal outdoor lighting fixture. It is just the right size to fit between a couple of branches in your favorite backyard tree and it has just the right design to comfortably hold a strand or two of your outdoor lights. Choose a vintage look and feel bulb strand to add more character into your outdoor design. Use this lighted ladder to designate a conversation corner for party guests to get to know each other a little better.

10. Simple Outdoor Light Strand Patio Upgrade

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Small spaces will delight in even the smallest upgrade to give them some night time life. Hang a single strand to extend the life of your outdoor enjoyment on your back patio. Simple and easy to install, this set of lights is just what you need to enjoy a refreshing drink at the end of a long summer day without leaving the comfort of your home.

11. White and Wooden Spindle Outdoor Candle Stand

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: homeroad.net

Arrange a duet or trio of these outdoor candle stands in various heights to make a dramatic impact on your outdoor decor. The slender spindles provide an eye-catching base that easily fits nearly anywhere your outdoor space could use a candle. No matter if you need a citronella to keep pesky bugs at bay or just wish to add a gentle, warm glow to your evening outdoors, you can’t go wrong with these simple and chic spindle candle stands.

12. Matte Charcoal Black Low Profile Candle Basins

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Line the path from your door to the backyard with these gorgeous and modern charcoal black candle basins. Their stout and low profiles make them sturdy enough to sit on the ground without toppling over and their clean and crisp design gives them a modern vibe. They offer a stylish path to light the way when guests need to make a bathroom run into your home after dark.

13. Mason Jar Back Porch Tiki Torch

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: liliesandloafers.com

Continue that modern farmhouse vibe even when you’re enjoying a backyard barbecue that’s bug-free! These charming and adorable mason jars are filled and ready to go so your outdoor party will be lit in all the right ways! The clear glass showcases the pretty colored fuel that is sure to add some homemade comfort for all of your back porch guests.

14. Eclectic Multi-Colored Glass Votive Candle Jars

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: helloglow.co

Here is a terrific way to transform your backyard from daytime to nighttime. You can line a path through your garden, channel guests to a firepit for roasting s’mores, or gently nudge them to mingle within a pre-lit section by placing these darling glass jars with votive candles wherever your heart desires. They are a cheap and cute way to add some much-needed light and warmth for an enjoyable summer evening in the comfort of your own backyard.

15. Long and Lean Glass Fluted Patio Torches

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: gardeners.com

Infuse some elegance into your backyard flower bed with these tall and lean glass fluted torches. They give just enough light and bug-repelling power without taking up much space at all. Their slender and sleek design makes them perfect for more formal after-hours events as well, like a wedding or reception. Line these down the aisle and surround them around the wedding arch to guide the bride down the path to her loving groom.

16. Painted Black Classic Candle Chandelier for Outdoors

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Your backyard just got a whole lot cozier with the addition of this classic candle chandelier. Painted in a rich and neutral black finish, this outdoor chandelier proudly holds five cute and chunky candles to light up your late night rendezvous. You can set the mood of your cozy conversation space by hanging it overhead in your pergola, large tree, or back porch.

17. Light Your Way with Staked Solar Lights

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: lights.com

Grab a set of these solar lights and stake them in the ground to guide everyone around your home after the sun sets. Their easy installation adds to their appeal. Use them in the front, back, and side yard to maximize their potential. The gentle glow near your feet keeps the romance alive as the dim night time atmosphere is subdued while the walkway remains clear.

28. Natural Illuminated Log Pathway Lights

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: recycledinteriors.org

Illuminated logs — we’re in love with the way the light shines through the cracks. These natural logs will be the highlight of your backyard scene. During the day, they simply look like garden stools, but at dusk the glow of golden light makes your garden path a fairyland filled with radiating light. Because they’re natural logs, each one is unique.

29. Outdoor Hanging Tealight Candle Chandelier

Backyard Lighting Ideas

The perfect chandelier for the garden is this simple creation suspended by chains from an overhanging bough. Because it requires no wiring, you can place it anywhere. Small glass jars with a layer of sand hold tea lights that burn just long enough to light up the evening for a romantic interlude with a couple of glasses of wine.

30. Moroccan Inspired Lantern Step Lighting

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: kitaproperty.co.id

If you dream of faraway places and exotic lifestyles, you can bring them home to your own back yard in an instant by filling the stairs of your deck with grillework lanterns in various sizes and colors. Inspired by the mysteries of Morocco, these lights will inspire you to spend your leisure time outdoors with family and friends.

31. Outdoor Seating Under Tree String Lights

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: nytimes.com

A variety of outdoor seating spaces encourages different activities. Serve a meal at the picnic table; talk with friends in a quiet corner. Lounge with a good book in a swinging chair filled with cushions. When the sun sets, light up the scene with string lighting in the trees. You have created an outdoor living room that you’ll love.

32. Battery Powered Fairy Lights in Glass Lanterns

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: gardeners.com

Suspend battery-powered fairy lights in glass orbs for an effect that’s as simple as it is magical. Requiring no wiring, these lights can be suspended from tree branches or hung under the eaves of your house. They’re lightweight, whimsical, captivating and as easy as can be to install.

33. Backyard Lantern Post Candle Holders

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: pinterest.com

Lantern posts are traditional, elegant and functional. What’s not traditional is that the lantern holds a candle, and the post is simply decorative. But this is a wonderful solution to getting light to the right part of the garden. Paint or stain the post to complement your home and garden, top it with a metal cap, and add a tall pillar candle to the decorative metal lantern.

34. Simple Fenceline Christmas Light Illumination

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: cloudcanva.com

Oh, we love this idea. We can almost hear the sounds of caroling and sleigh bells, but if you leave these Christmas lights atop your fence year-round, they’ll light up a pair of upholstered benches in great style! They’re so easy, we don’t understand why everyone isn’t doing it!

35. Magical Glowing Flower Garden Planters

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: campinglivez.com

What — are they lights or planters? Or were they brought by alien visitors? These glowing pots are among the most unique choices we’ve found for back yard lighting. And it’s hard to imagine anything prettier! Mix them with pots of other materials for a stunning effect. They’re beautiful even in daylight, but they add extra drama to the garden at night.

36. Rustic Hanging Mason Jar Candle Holders

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: calculer24.rssing.com

Mason jars couldn’t be more versatile, around the home or in the garden. Here, tied with simple string, they become rustic hanging candle holders along a wooden fence line. They’re so easy to make that you’ll want to keep a bunch on hand for those back yard gatherings throughout the season.

37. Recycled DIY Glass Bottle Torches

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: designsponge.com

Unique and serviceable torches made of recycled wine bottles are a DIY project that may require a bit more time than some of the other lighting options. But the dramatic effect is well worth the effort! A few inexpensive fittings, a properly-sized wick and some lamp oil are all that’s necessary. Use a single kind of bottle or collect a variety — it’s your choice.

38. Elegant Well-Lit Backyard Dinner Party Pergola

Backyard Lighting Ideas

A party pergola is special on its own. But any garden structure becomes more attractive — and more useful when you add lighting. This one is gorgeous, with string lighting overhead, a circlet of lights suspended over the table, pendants in each corner, and path lighting to direct the way to the party. It’s picture perfect and party ready.

39. Simple Mason Jar Backyard Lighting Ideas

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: apieceofrainbow.com

Mason jars again: Craft these votive holders easily from wire hangers for sturdy lights that can be suspended from tree branches or almost anything else: a covered patio, a fence, a post located near the barbecue or metal brackets attached to your home’s siding. You’ll find dozens of ways to use them.

40. Charmingly Rustic Minimalistic String Lights

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: blog.homedepot.com

Less is often more, and a minimalist single string of open bulbs centered over a picnic table is a charmingly rustic solution to lighting up an outdoor dinner. Here the lights are quickly and easily strung between two slim tree trucks anchored in solid non-tip bases at each end of the table. It’s functional and funky.

41. Pretty Purple Hanging Moroccan Lanterns

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: dintelo.es

At the other end of the decor spectrum, this fully-furnished outdoor room uses color and high style to great effect. Elegant purple glass Moroccan lanterns hang from the beams, reflecting the color of accent cushions on the upholstered seating. Privacy drapes that echo the same color can be pulled as needed, and more creature comfort comes from the rug underfoot. Only the massed green plants make it obvious that this “room” is indeed out of doors.

43. Upscale Outdoor Seating Bench Lit by Candles

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: cotemaison.fr

Patio seating takes a lot of different forms. Here a built-in bench provides upscale seating right next to a gorgeous planting area. Add soft cushions, cozy throws and a line of convenient candle holders along the back to extend its usefulness. With the adjacent dining table and chairs, you can invite crowds and still have comfortable space for all.

44. Simple Solar Brick Pathway Lights

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: lampshoponline.com

Solar is the way to go in the garden. Plant a double line of solar lights along a brick pathway and you’ll add both safety and beauty to your backyard. There are so many kinds of solar lights available, you’re sure to find options that suit your style and your budget. Because they operate on renewable energy, they’re good for the environment too.

45. Whimsical Garden Grotto with String Lights

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: fixaodona.se

Have we conveyed the idea that we love string lights? Is it obvious that creativity and originality find ample expression in the garden? We hope so! Here, the homeowner uses several different kinds of lighting in tandem with string lights nestled among the vines and overhead beams. This is a case when more is more. Hanging candles in mason jars, bottle lights and tabletop candles are all perfectly wonderful in this garden grotto.

46. DIY Solar Powered Chandelier Lights

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: hometalk.com

Why not hang a chandelier outside? Especially when it’s powered by the sun! This substantial multi-arm solar chandelier deserves a place of honor outdoors, and instructions for making it are easy to follow. With a round table and chairs large enough for a family dinner, it becomes a dramatic focal point, as eco-friendly and efficient as it is dramatic.

47. Flameless Fire Pit Fairy Lights

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: sunset.com

Sometimes, simulating firelight is better than having a real fire pit. Fairy lights create a flameless centerpiece when nestled among real wood logs. This simulated fire pit is a dramatic centerpiece of a nighttime patio seating area. It’s a safe, ingenious way to enjoy the ambience of a glowing fire. Unfortunately, you can’t make s’mores!

48. Easy DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: thefrugalhomemaker.com

Easily create long-burning Mason jar lanterns in lieu of canning jar candleholders. It’s another DIY project that requires minimal effort and materials, but yields big decorative effect. They do, however, produce an open flame, so use them with caution, and always turn them off when no adult is present.

52. Year-Round Backyard Deck String Lights

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Source: nbgledlighting.com

Define the boundaries of your outdoor room by draping string lights from poles stationed at the perimeter of a deck or patio. It’s a minimalist approach to outdoor lighting that is quite effective. The casual loops keep the feeling light and informal.

53. Rustic Grapevine and Chinese Lantern Garland

Backyard Lighting Ideas

As illustrated in previous photos, there’s no reason you have to confine your outdoor lighting choices to one, or even two. Here Chinese lanterns blend beautiful with simple string lighting woven into and around rustic grapevines. The effect is simple, but stunning. What other ideas might you think of to add light to your outdoor scene?

It can illuminate walkways, outdoor dining rooms, patios, and structures like pergolas and arbors. Get inspired with these top outdoor lighting ideas.

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