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8 Ways To Keep Your Car In Top Condition

Whether it’s your pride and joy, or just a way to get about, looking after your car is essential to get the best performance from it. Car maintenance need not take much time or money, especially if you work it into your regular housework routine. Your vehicle will stay in top condition by making a few simple investments and following a few regular steps.

Care For the Exterior 

Giving your car exterior some love, it’ll not only look good but continue to stay in top safety condition. Investing in Paint Protection Film (PPF) will protect areas of the car that are vulnerable to scratching by debris and stones on the road. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can have the most susceptible areas of the car covered, up to full paintwork coverage. Compliment PPF with regular washing so that you can see if any damage has occurred (with the bonus of looking smart).

Bust Rust

On areas of the paintwork that you choose not to cover with PPF, be sure to attend to scraps and scratches promptly to avoid rust. Paint improves the look of a car and protects the bodywork from rust, which will compromise its integrity. Should a nick elude you and a patch of rust form, you may wonder can you paint over rust? The good news is that with the correct product, yes, you can stop it from spreading and fix the paintwork.

Window Care

Regular washing of the exterior not only allows you to inspect the paintwork thoroughly but allows you to see clearly through the windows. Annually replacing the windshield wipers is also vital to maintaining visibility while driving. New wiper blades are inexpensive and easily fitted in a few minutes. Couple this with keeping the windscreen wash topped up, and you’ll safely see where you’re going in even the dustiest environments.

Interior Care

A vehicle’s internal workings are also vital, so don’t forget to turn your attention inside also. Keeping the interior clean makes for a more pleasant driving experience, and it also stops unwanted smells and pests. Doing so is also the easiest way to preserve the upholstery of the vehicle, reducing the likelihood of rips and wear. Treat your car like a room in your house and include a clean-out into your regular cleaning routine.

Regular Fluid Changes

Things like changing the oil and brake fluids need to be done after a certain number of miles. Doing so keeps the car running smoothly and reduces the likelihood of expensive repairs. You may choose to undertake these tasks yourself; otherwise, they can be done at an auto garage. The main thing isn’t who does it, just that it gets done as and when needed. 


Keeping the wheels in top form is essential to the safety of a vehicle and, therefore, should not be neglected. Regardless of how well you drive, the tire treads will wear down and need replacing over time. Keep an eye on your tires, and as soon as any areas reach the minimum tread depth of (or preferably before then), have them replaced. Without tread, the tires won’t grip the road affecting both handling and stopping abilities.

Beyond The Tires

The tires aren’t the only part of the wheel system that needs maintaining; the wheel themselves can develop issues too. Any problem with balance or bearings will impact how the car steers and handles and potentially cause uneven, faster wear on the tires. Pay attention to how the car drives and if you notice any problems such as the steering pulling to one side, have the wheels looked at promptly.


Don’t forget about your car’s brake pads as well, as these also inevitably wear down and require replacing. How you drive will impact how quickly they wear down, so following the rules of the road will see the brake pads lasting longer. Tell-tale signs of worn brake pads are a spongy response when applying the brakes, taking longer to stop. Should you notice this, either replace the pads yourself or take your car into the shop; not doing so could cause a severe accident.

Keeping your car in top condition needn’t be a time-consuming chore that you avoid. Tackling the small things regularly, like cleaning rubbish out of door pockets, doesn’t take long and makes for a more congenial driving environment. While keeping on top of regular maintenance as and when needed will give a continued smooth and safe ride. 

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