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7 Advantages of Digital Staging over Traditional Home Staging

If you have ever bought a house in recent times, you certainly have started your search online. You probably even made a decision to buy a house even before physically checking it out.

Real estate agents and house owners have shifted their advertising base to the internet. Every activity in business is now online. Home staging is the new practice in real estate marketing and it is in two forms; digital staging and traditional home staging. Digital staging can make the properties more appealing to the eye.

Traditionally, houses on sale were refurbished using new furniture and decor to match the design. It is a practice that still exists since some buyers may want to physically view the house with its additions. However, as much as physically staged houses can still be photographed and posted online, staging virtually is better.  

Buyers can now see and visualize the possibilities of living in the houses they see online at the click of a button. As such, it is the most common technique because of these advantages it has over traditional home staging:

Digital Staging Is Cheap and Convenient

As much as you may get a return on investment with traditional home staging, it is never certain. This means buying furniture and décor or hiring from an interior decorator within the given period of house viewing. 

Meaning the longer it takes for your house to sell, the more you spend on the hired items. When you stage your house digitally, all it takes is some hundreds of dollars to hire a virtual staging company. Your home will be ready for a virtual tour after a few snaps. 

The good thing is you get furnishing that is realistic but works perfectly for your space. Alternatively, you can still do the staging digitally on your computer and incur no cost.

It Is a Strong Online Marketing Tool

Photographs are the key aspect of virtual staging and this resonates well with online home buyers. As a staging technique that uses quality pictures, staging transforms empty spaces into attractive, realistic-looking rooms. 

This helps to set your house apart from the rest. While you can post and photograph traditional staging, virtual staging brings out the best a house can offer. This makes it the most ideal online marketing tool with the best visual selling point.

There Is a Variety of Design and Style Elements to Use

Unlike traditional home staging that relies on the available furniture and décor, digital staging allows you to infuse modern, classic furniture and décor. Virtual stagers have a wide range of design elements. They don’t have to be furnished. No matter the style of the house, there is always a design option that matches it.

You Do Not Have To Move Out Of Your Home to Stage It

If you are selling your house in order to buy another one, digital staging can happen with you in it. You wouldn’t do this with traditional staging, would you? You would have to clear everything out, repaint or remodel, then do the physical staging. 

Virtual staging would only require temporary relocation of your personal effects and furniture in a room for photography purposes only. Immediately after photography, you can put your things back in the room than do the same for the other rooms.

Creates a Move-In-Ready Property

The main reason for staging any house is to give your potential buyers an idea of what living in the house really is. Imagine creating a move-in-ready apartment or villa, fully furnished and decorated. Staging a house virtually will give the buyers a preview of the house in its complete best form. Hence, prompting a purchase. Unlike traditional home staging, which is limited in terms of available furnishing, virtual staging allows full-house furnishing complete to the exterior view.

Diversity in Design

Still, on the limitations of traditional home staging, you would only have limitations to one design style or two. This is because of funds or the available furniture. When staging digitally, on the other hand, you have the advantage of unending options in design elements.

Did you know that you can design the same house differently and furnish it with the diversity that meets your clients’ needs? If you didn’t, well now you know. Different clients get to experience the different ways the home can look with the varied designs, colors, and décor.

Gives Options of Re-Modeling

If you are out of ideas for remodeling your house, you could consider staging it digitally and explore remodeling options. When your house is already furnished for sale, you may not see the possibilities of remodeling it. However, once you clear it out and photograph it, you may see ways of remodeling some areas as you stage it virtually. Moreover, these remodeling ideas can be your selling point as you show the staged house to your clients.

Final Thoughts

With over 90 % of potential buyers relying on the internet for information on listed houses for sale, it remains the ideal tool for marketing. In buying and selling houses, the first impression is the determining factor.

Digital staging provides an overview of the possibilities and the potential your house has to offer. All you have to do is identify the style and design that best brings out your empty space as the ideal home worth investing in.


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