Ultra-modern home design is increasing in popularity, in part due to the importance of sustainably with growing concerns about the environment and limited natural resources.

While contemporary and modern are often confused, they aren’t the same thing, although they are similar. Modern refers to engineering and technological developments dating to around the turn of the 20th-century, focusing more on industrial materials like glass, steel, and concrete, which were the innovative industrial developments at the time.

Ways to Make Your Home Appear Ultra Modern


Minimalist interiors and clean lines generally define modern architecture. While you could search for an ultra-modern home among the Sacramento houses for sale, there are ways to make your current home appear ultra-modern too. 

1. Change up the Lighting

An ultra-modern house needs ultra-modern lighting. It should be functional yet striking, strong, and structural. Track lighting and pendant lights are just two examples, but think about what would work best in your rooms before investing. If you can find geometric or unusual shapes, all the better.

2. Repaint

New paint is the best place to start for any new look, providing an instant facelift. Just covering marks, dings, and scratches in the walls will automatically make it look and feel fresh. It’s also the ideal opportunity to cover any dark or dated colors, breathing new life into your home.

Wall colors should ideally be made from earth pigments, with neutral colors generally working best for any ultra-modern look, providing a cleaner, chic, sleek palette for decor and furnishings.

Some colors never go out of style, like a clean, bright white hue, perhaps a crisp white with only a slight touch of pink. Cream, black, greys, and taupes highlighted with slate, blues, muted greens, and browns, all work well too, bringing sophistication to the rooms in your home.

3. Flooring

There’s no doubt that carpeting is dated – if you’ve got wall-to-wall shag or carpet in the bathroom, it’s really got to go. For an ultra-modern look, stick with easy to lay prefinished options like plank tile.

You want floors to flow from room to room in durable materials like bamboo, teak, stone, or polished cement, which are sustainable and durable, ideal for ultra-modern floors.

No ultra-modern home would be complete without using statement rugs that can break up a monochrome color palette. Rugs with abstract designs or geometric patterns are ideal, in colors that complement but pop against the color scheme.

4. Metallic Furnishings and Accents

Metal is quite versatile. It can be used in all sorts of interior trends, but for an ultra-modern look, choose furniture with chrome and steel frames, which are bases that are high impact with lots of shine.

Think metal in everything from chairs and coffee tables to lamps and mirrors. When choosing accessories and furniture, look for a metallic finish in geometric patterns.

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