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25+ Quick & Easy Kids Crafts that Kids Can Make

There are hundreds upon hundreds of craft projects that you can make with your children that require NO special skills or tools and that take less than half an hour of your time.

In fact, most of these 50+ quick and easy kids craft project ideas that I’ve rounded up here actually take less than FIFTEEN minutes to make!

1. Got a few cardboard boxes taking up space in your garage or attic? Turn them into treasured toys!

2. Make your own clay with four simple ingredients. Everything you need is already in your kitchen!

3. Imagination and an ordinary paper plate can morph into a charming special-occasion hat.

4. Download free printable cutouts to make a delightful paper village with your preschooler.

5. Even tiny hands can remake fun-size cereal boxes into hilarious puppets.

6. Kids can use markers or paint to change bow-tie pasta into beautiful butterflies.

7. Go for the gold! Don’t spare the glitter for these expressive emojis.

9. Cut up a sponge, dip into paint, and stamp out some animal tracks.

Easy Craft Ideas For Kids To Make At Home

10. Use a couple of craft sticks to build a busy dragonfly.

11. Maybe the monster under your child’s bed is just an old sock waiting to become a star in monster theater….

12. Use paint and foam stickers for these out-of-this-world cardboard-tube rockets.

13. Transform your child’s handprint into a flamingo!

14. Perfect for stomping, tromping, and roaming through imaginary lands, these cereal-box feet are a fun addition to the dress-up area.

15. Display family photos in these so-easy kid-made frames.

16. Who knew you could make these six fun crafts just from plain paper plates?

17. Ordinary pens make a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

18. Whooooo has a great idea? Paint and decorate foam cups for craft-wise owls.

Easy Craft Ideas For Kids To Make At Home

21. Folded construction paper + a chenille stick = this fluttery butterfly craft!

22. Make this DIY bubble mix and wands from items you already have at home!

23. Make a splash at bath time with these mess-free bathtub crayons.

24. With this craft, your little one can contain an entire galaxy within a Mason jar!

25. Let kids collect empty cardboard tubes, give them leftover cupcake liners, and put them all together for this super-easy mushroom craft.

28. Kids can create bunches of these coffee-filter flowers as they experiment with color.

29. This quick-to-make toy camera is perfect for little ones who want to take photos but aren’t ready to handle the real thing.

Easy Craft Ideas For Kids To Make At Home

30. Design a glorious crown from a cardboard tube decorated with patterned masking tape.

31. Recycle random puzzle pieces into a very personal initial plaque.

20. Does your little one desperately want a pet fish? Now she can have her own aquarium!

27. Melt plastic beads (some adult supervision needed!) to form these eye-catching suncatchers.

When you’re stuck at home with the kids and have nothing to do, don’t despair! It’s easier than you think to grab the crayons, glue, glitter, and paint and let their creativity shine. These fun activities for kids are easy, DIY, and can mostly be done with everyday items that you have around the house.

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